January 1st, 2010
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  1. Tayamka Clark Says:

    Most people refuse to see the impact a lockout will have on our nation; a nation that is already struggling to rebound. THIS IS NOT A STRIKE BY THE PLAYERS. This is a lockout by which owners will lock the doors to the facilities and not allow players to go about their business of playing football. THE BILLIONS THAT THE OWNERS MAKE FAR OUTWEIGH EVEN THE LARGEST PLAYER SALARY, AND THE OWNERS NEVER SUFFER ANY INJURIES. Despite this, the owners want more, so the players must take less. Why? Regardless of how you feel about the players personally, NO ONE PAYS TO GO TO A FOOTBALL GAME TO WATCH THE OWNERS.

  2. Chelsea Says:

    I think a lock out is completely ridiculous! It is very selfish on the owners part.

  3. Cstan421 Says:

    I can agree with a lock out being a bad idea right now. The idea of a sporting event not being enjoyed because of money in any way is sad, pathetic and (I agree again) selfish. People rely on football. We are passionate about OUR teams. After all we pay to go to games, we pay for the channels to watch it, we buy the clothing, visit the hall of fame, and are the largest group who cares about football. The number of football players in history could never out number the people who love the sport as spectators. It is because of that fact they can even make money at all! The truth is it’s the players that recognize that most. I hear players thank the fans all of the time. When has a member of NFL administration recognized us as their job security. And for that matter…(complete tangent) the same concept applies to our government!!!!!!

  4. kevin Says:

    There needs to be a football season in 2011. We the fans need football, just as football needs its fans. If there is no season, who’s to say your fan base would be the same when you end the lockout? It would definitely not be where it is right now. We know the economy is rough, but think of what football does for America. It creates revenue, and jobs. Without it, life in many aspects would not be the same. So like the thousands of others that are on here pleading for a season in 11, I am too. Please don’t not play next season. We need football

  5. mike kennedy Says:

    This is by no means a strike. Fans need to know that its the owners not allowing the players on the field. They want more games for the same pay. And more revenue for themselfs. Imagine being paid for 40 hours a week and then told you had to work an extra 8 hours every other week for free. Most players careers are only 4 to 5 years. Adding games will only shorten thier careers. So owners should raise the league minimum salary and raise the cap, and increase player rosters.

  6. John bean Says:

    We need sunday and monday night football so dont take it away. For alot of us we need our football fix lol. So lets go raiders and season 2011.

  7. John Ernest Says:

    I am so tired of hearing about this subject…the owners need to come to the table and just man up and get it done cuz the fact is the Nfl is the premier sport in the world. We cannot let a season go by without a new cba. I am an avid fan of the nfl, I watch all the games every week that are available to watch on cbs, fox, nbc, and NFL Network. I watch the Nfl network everyday for many reasons and I also play fantasy football on nfl.com. I also watch the NFL network for the draft and all my off season news. Believe you me if this season gets shortened I will blame one group and only one group the nfl owners. So please do not have a lockout for the love of the game! Cuz I truly love this game.

  8. brittany benthall Says:

    The ravens should stay if any teams should go should be one of the teams where there’s more then one team in that state ravens r our pride and joy please don’t take them from us

    Purple power forever

  9. TheDynasty88 Says:

    Signed this petition for the deserving players amd imcoming rookies… Mostly for my cousin Kenneth Charles… It’ll be a huge blow not being able to see him live he dream playing the game he love…

  10. Amanda Atkins Says:

    I would be lost if there was no football next season. Everyone knows when my Browns are playing I’m either ay the game or watching on tv. My baby shower was even scheduled around a bye week. Now my daughter Payton loves watching with mommy. Please don’t take our football away.

  11. Debby Clymore Says:

    Get her done. Let’s play next year!

  12. Phyllis knapp Says:

    I would like to see football continued without any interruptions.

  13. Aneeaha H Says:

    The NFL the reason for Superbowl parties, beers, handing out with friends, and bragging rights. This things will be taken away if there is a lock out. I vote no to lock out.

  14. Robyn Ervin Says:

    Supporting the Buffalo Bills!

  15. Kandace Eck Says:


  16. Matt Says:

    Let them play what the f#%#%#

  17. Sammyt18 Says:

    There are very few things I love doing more than watching NFL football. If there is a lockout next season, I would be completely devestated. I think the owners are at fault here, BUT I also think that both sides need to give a little. Both sides need to lock themselves in a room until this gets done (before week 1, of course) ;) . I WANT FOOTBALL!!! Btw: go colts!

  18. Brian Says:

    Dont ruin the greatest sport ever owners, you all already have the most successful professional sport, with $$ coming in hand over foot, you kill us at the gate with ticket prices, dont even get me started on PSL’s, and I have to pay your monopoly of Directv $350 a year, just to make sure I get to see my Giants every week. Honestly, I dont think you have a clue who you are messong with here!!!! Without us, the fan, you are NOTHING, get it done NOW, bad enough its all Im going to have to listen to leading up to what should be a great football game in a week, your already doing damage, and get the Pro Bowl the hell outta Hawaii, you see any empty seats in Miami last year, saw ALOT tonight

  19. Bob talevski Says:

    I know from the fans viewpoint we can easily just yell at the owners to be happy with what they got (they should be happy) but they want more. It would be stupid to add 2 more games to the season. The number of teams and the number of games is a perfect fit. Why screw with the setup if its already perfect? Owners – STOP BEING GREEDY AND LET THEM PLAY

  20. Edward Chavez Says:

    If u wanna take football away from america then I guess soccer will have to be Ur alternative to making millions so get ready to root for some foreign contries. they won’t have a problem taking profit from us

  21. Lakeasha Johnson Says:

    I have been a fan of the Atlanta Falcons for a while i couldnt imagine goin a another year without watchin them

  22. Brian Carey Says:

    As a union member myself, I support your cause. You are the engine that makes the nfl an exciting and thrilling game. Without your talent, fans don’t show up, and thats what we pay to see. You deserve a share of the pie, thats all any of us ask. Not the whole pie, just a share commensurate with your contributions. The owners opted out of this agreement, not you. This is their doing, you are simply reacting and protecting your position. Stand strong. Hopefully an agreement can be hammered out before your families are negatively affected

  23. Lucas Burkhardt Says:

    Let them Playyyyy!!!

  24. Kyle Sutherland Says:

    Have they learned anything from the slow recovery of hockey and baseball? UFL or CFL should draft the entire players union and they can be the new premier football organization. That would show these idiot owners for locking out

  25. Brandon Says:

    Please do not Lockout there are alot of fans like me that are Die Hard Fans and u will disappoint alot of die Hard Fans if you do Lockout. Go Cowboys !!!!!!

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