Help us Block the Lockout by Signing This Petition To the League & Owners

March 10th, 2010

Help us Block the Lockout

Help us Block the Lockout by signing this Petition. Why? Because the players want to play football and fans want to see America’s most popular sport. THIS IS A PETITION LETTER TO THE LEAGUE AND OWNERS.

The NFL’s collective bargaining agreement is due to expire in March and team owners have made a series of moves designed to lock out the players and fans. If you want to see NFL games next season, do your part as a fan and help us Block the Lockout by signing this Petition. TO VIEW THE PETITION LETTER TO THE LEAGUE AND OWNERS, click HERE.

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28 Responses to “Help us Block the Lockout by Signing This Petition To the League & Owners”

  1. John T. Says:

    I’m all for signing this petition to ensure we’ve got fooball next season. If you disagree with me, you should give this a read…

  2. Tayamka Clark Says:

    Most people refuse to see the impact a lockout will have on our nation; a nation that is already struggling to rebound. THIS IS NOT A STRIKE BY THE PLAYERS. This is a lockout by which owners will lock the doors to the facilities and not allow players to go about their business of playing football. THE BILLIONS THAT THE OWNERS MAKE FAR OUTWEIGH EVEN THE LARGEST PLAYER SALARY, AND THE OWNERS NEVER SUFFER ANY INJURIES. Despite this, the owners want more, so the players must take less. Why? Regardless of how you feel about the players personally, NO ONE PAYS TO GO TO A FOOTBALL GAME TO WATCH THE OWNERS.

  3. Coop Says:

    While I agree with the players in this fight, where was the NFLPA when the agreement was struck that allows owners to reap billions in TV revenues even if no games are shown or played?

    That would be like my company paying me when I show up to do work AND STILL CONTRACTUALLY PAYING ME WHEN I CHOOSE NOT TO SHOW UP TO WORK.

    Someone was asleep at the wheel when this was negotiated.

    If I was an owner, GIVE ME ONE REASON, just one, why I would want football to be played next season when I can make even more money having it disappear? Just one.

  4. Michael Says:

    Put Logos on jerseys. Premier league does it and their fans are more rabid than US fans. Problems solved.

  5. proletariat Says:

    From one union family (3rd generation, at that) to another, I would like to say this:

    Solidarity forever, brothers.

    Me and the IBEW Local 1251 will stand behind you, as every union worker should.

  6. Game Day 2011? Says:

    [...] Share: Facebook Filed Under: Featured, Jills Favorites, Lockout News Tagged With: 18 games, cab, game day 2011, health benefits, LOCKOUT, nfl alumnus, NFL PLAYERS, NFLPA, ROGER GOODELL, sign the petition window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({ appId: '120022911345285', status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true }); }; (function() { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.async = true; e.src = document.location.protocol + '//'; document.getElementById('fb-root').appendChild(e); }()); [...]

  7. Eric Harris Says:

    I got 2 watch my steelers, Sundays wouldn’t be the same without football.

  8. Chris Says:

    As fans we should threaten an NFL boycott of the 2012-13 season if there is no 2011-12 season. That way the NFL has a choice of play or go out of business. I don’t care what the owners want, if you make more than 40 grand year, I don’t feel sorry for you.

  9. darren Says:

    Owners do they really care about their players that put their careers and physical health on the line every Sunday while they sit in air conditioned booths and drink eat and carry on? Owners owe them the best care possible… or maybe they just don’t care…. signed Darren

  10. Joseph M.giambrone Says:

    I wish my wife and i could have the money you got and we will sit in your seat and you sit in mine and see if you can make it.And only go to one game in your life, to see your team. Thanks Buffalo i hopes it works out your fan for ever.

  11. Philly frank Says:

    I am a die hard Eagle phan and to think that there wont be a football season next year is unfair to the fans I spend money on tickets jerseys and memorbilia. The nfl is a billion doller a year industry the players deseirve there fair share the players are the ones who receive the bone breaking hits the Quarterbacks get sacked while the only thing the owners receive are sacks of cash or carpeal tunnel in there hands while writing deposit slips to the bank. Please do the right thing if you really care about us.

  12. alex Says:

    this would be a nightmare come true!

  13. immrlizard Says:

    I am hoping that the owners are smart enough to see the value of negotiations and settling on a solution. I have been a football fan since I was 12 and even purchase the sunday ticket so that I can watch my favorite team. I can honestly say that if there is a lockout or strike, I will never watch another game again. I waste far too much time watching football. There are a ton of things I should do on the weekend but don’t because of the games on sunday.

  14. Lynette Says:

    People say unions are bad, but fail to understand that their would be no need for them if people were treated fair. I’m apart of the UAW and feel that if it weren’t for my union, I know I wouldn’t have a job right now. So to support my brothers, I will do whatever is needed of me which includes shutting off my tv and not watching a game. Unions have been fighting since the beginning and don’t plan on stopping. Be blessed.

  15. the murf Says:

    This is ridiculous. All sports figures make way too much money to begin with.

  16. Melissa Says:

    This would be the worst, no REDSKIN football season can’t hear of it… times are hard enough without our favorite sport not going on.. HTTR LET THEM PLAY!!!!!

  17. Russ Says:

    I signed the petition because I want football next season. Im on the fence as to whose side im on. I agree the owners are making a ton of cash but guess what so is wal-mart and there employees cant strike or they wont have a job. As for the owners side of it it just takes one look ALBERT HAYNESWORTH. Dan Snyder has to pay this loser for what? Also the rookies coming in getting paid more then veterans that have proved themselves??? Its more than just the 18 game thing. Trust me. as for people losing money lets think about the people that work at the stadium the vendors the stores that sell the merch….. The little people will get the worst end of it after its all said and done.

  18. John Bozajian Says:

    I’m a 34 year union man (IATSE Locals 33&44), and I know what it’s like to walk a picket line, and I know what it’s like to enjoy hard won good wages, pension, and health care benefits.Trust me, they have the money, and if some teams don’t, then open the books, and work together on reaching a compromise. And when you hear the wining about players salaries, just remember the physicality of the game (see 18 game schedule), and what’s the average career, 7 years? Remember, when someone cries about labor unions, chances are
    they wish they had your deal! Fight the good fight.

  19. Kathleen Rueppel Says:

    Please remember that a “lock-out” is not a strike. Players will simply not be permitted to play – they have not walked off. When will Americans realize that owners,CEO’s and all the other fat-cats who earn these obscene salaries are holding this nation hostage? The unions were not responsible for bringing the world economy to its knees – it was big business; and that is happening all over again with football. Let’s put the owners out there on the field and sack them.

  20. Coach Frank Says:

    No Lockout, please! Get a deal done. Do not let greed ruin what has become the Great American Game. A lockout will drive away fans and their love of the NFL. Lockout = Suicide.

  21. Mark Banning Says:

    I was locked out of my job for a year and a half until a,labor agreement was reached. I only received $65 dollars a week until after 6 months finally got unemployment benefits which the company tried to block. So I know what it is like. It was a struggle. And in the end nobody won!!

  22. Dan Rakow Says:

    PLEASE I want to see a 2011 NFL Season regardless of the Collective Bargaining Agreement whether there is one or not.

    Not only the Game the most Important part of the NFL Season is 150,000 Jobs at Stadiums,Restaurants,Hotels and Motels and they would be hurt big time if there is no NFL at all.

  23. awilkminvikfan Says:

    Relize the lock out only hurts the fans. Players are making MILLIONS. Owners and the NFL are making MILLIONS aswell yet they are still fighting. They are turning the most loved sport in the USA into basketball and baseball with the trades money issues. Im not by any means talking $#&+ about base or basket ball but football holds the US people together. Common NFL and PLAYERS help out the country and avoid the lock out. In the financial times the country is in, WE NEED FOOTBALL!! Because of football we survive.

  24. Brian Norton Says:

    If the owners succeed in locking out players, the NFL will lose this perennial season ticket holder forever. I make a 700 mile round trip to attend at least five games in Oakland every year, and will never forgive the owners for stepping all over their greatest resource that is us, in fans.

    Their actions are completely disgraceful, and show zero respect for us as fans, the very folks who sign their paychecks.

    Make it happen, or stand to lose a loyal fan base forever.

  25. Anquan Says:

    This is madness, I don’t understand why these owners want more they do nothing but sign papers and make deals.. It’s ridiculous

  26. Michael Says:

    I hope they can get this issue resolved so there will be a normal regular season next year. It’s sad they are still unable to come to an agreement.

  27. jackie Says:

    NO GIANTS = NO LIFE ! OWNERS OPEN YOUR BOOKS PLEASE. YOUR FIGHTING A BATTLE OF MILLIONAIRS & BILLIONAIRS. there are millions of fans out there, it’s us & the people who feed their families selling hotdogs out side the stadium that are taking the loss here. as far as the players, although they’re making tons of money , why is it fair that owners are getting rich off the backs of the players talents and then when they’re pulling in billions of dollars, they can’t pay the players for the extra games that they want to be played. it’s everything in their favor. each game any football player plays could be the last of their career. why should the players not want more money for two extra regular season games?it’s not like the owners would be taking a loss. if the owners feel so strongly that paying them would affect their income, then they should open their freaking books & think about people other than themselves . welll anyway, nfl has two days to settle this & i can just hope that this works out:/

  28. Ciro Says:

    We are a group of italian diehard NFL fans, very concerned about the current lockout situation.

    We all liked the NFLPA “Let ‘Em Play” video, and we made our version of the video, with shots from Milan, Siena, Palermo, Venice, Cagliari and other cities.

    Hope you enjoy and can share the video.

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