Petition Letter to NFL Commissioner and NFL Owners

October 11th, 2010

National Football League

280 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10017

Dear NFL Commissioner and NFL Owners,

We the fans of the NFL, demand that you NOT lock out players in 2011. The players want to play football and we passionately want to see America’s most popular sport.

As fans and members of our local communities, a lockout would have a devastating impact on our local and regional economies. Stadium employees will be jobless, and sports bars, police officers, restaurants, hotels and various support staff who work for this game will also be affected. Simply put, these tough times will get even tougher for Americans.

It is estimated that more than 115,000 jobs would be impacted by a lockout and cause approximately $160 million in lost revenue in each NFL city.

We implore you to do the right thing and guarantee that players, fans and everyone who enjoys the NFL will not have to endure a lockout in 2011.


NFL Fans

186 Responses to “Petition Letter to NFL Commissioner and NFL Owners”

  1. carl Says:

    lockout is stupid. pay the players what they want.

  2. Jeffrey Berta Says:

    Please do not have a lockout, as a die-hard Chicago Bears fan I beg of you to not have a lockout, I loved baseball for the longest time and then when they had a lockout and canceled the world series I hated baseball and haven’t watched a game from then, also I did the same for both the NBA and the NHL. SO PLEASE NO LOCKOUT!!

  3. Jose lopez Says:

    This is bull!!

  4. Kayla Says:

    A lockout would be the dumbest thing that could happen. Do you not realize how many people watch football every sunday? Not to mention the ratings the Super Bowl gets. Stop being children and respect the players they make you who you are.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    Football is all I have in life. Already I have to spend February to September attempting to find meaning in other events — family? church? my job? Give me a break! If you take football away from me, what am I supposed to do on Monday night — play catch with my kids??

    Please, please, please don’t take away football. If you’re going to put a lockout on anything, make it those awful Miller Lite commercials. I mean who cares if the bottle has grooves?

  6. Andrew Says:

    This is outrageous!!!!

    The fact that owners are even CONSIDERING shutting down America’s real past time, its most popular sport, its tradition, just to make more money is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. How dare you all. Who do you think you are, that 32 owners are able to reject the millions of people who love the NFL with passion? This isn’t about money. This is about a true American Historical sport. This is our blood. Dont you dare take it away from us.

  7. ninfa Says:

    they r selfish cowards !! how dare they ?? why is that that ppl are so stupid and stingy ?

  8. Ashley Renfro Says:

    You saw what happened to baseball when the owners and players went through with a strike back in the 90′s. People moved on and it took a few years for the MLB to recover in ticket sales, merchandise sales, fan interest, etc. Once you turn your back on the public, the public can turn its back on you. And as much as it will hurt fans to not have NFL Football…I can assure you it will hurt the NFL FAR WORSE to not have the millions of fans and their money. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. You will lose in the end.

  9. carolina flores Says:



  10. marguerite jones Says:

    this is getting ridiculous,now we are gonna have to fight to even watch football.this is America’s favorite pastime,why are ya’ll doing this to the world?money is always at the bottom of things,how much is ya’lls greed doing to all Americans now?this is tradition to watch & cheer our teams on.i for one will not pay any extra to cable or anyone else to watch it& i think a lot of people will agree,then how much $ do you think ya’ll will loose?i see it as the end of FOOTBALL!!!

  11. theresa Says:

    its not fair!!!

    whatever happened for the phrase for the love of the game
    theplayers want to play and we the fans love to watch our teams play.i especially love when my granddaughter says yeah steelers
    its my heritage i watched football when i was a little girl with my dad and our family grew with our children loving the game and now our childrens children our fans that is our life and what we want for future generations

  12. theresa Says:

    if you know as true americans football is part of our american pastime. DON’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US AND OUR CULTURE. NOW AND FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO COME

  13. Lady Says:

    This is the begining of socialism. They are getting to us slowly, but surely. We are Americans and football is as American as apple pie. How can you do this to us. Thank You Obama!

  14. Help us Block the Lockout by Signing This Petition | Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Army Says:

    [...] [...]

  15. Bob in Mesa Says:

    I suppose, to a point, the players do make alot of money but considering the risks they take, the injuries they sometimes sustain, how can you think of such a thing, unless you are trying to bleed the fans of more of their money!!!

  16. Cliff Says:

    Lady how exactly is the Lockout the beginning of socialism? And how does Obama have a part in this? If we could remove her vote i think that’d actually help. Stupid people shouldn’t be able to vote.

  17. Brittnie Says:

    I am a die hard steelers fan i watch every single game every sunday! i pay good money for jerseys and every object with black and gold! I love football and so does every American in this country. you cant take football away, football is more to most of us then big men tackling eachother its about family and bonding and being together. Football is not only America’s passtime its America’s favorite tradition. Too many things have changed in this world dont change football!!

  18. Matthew Guinn Says:

    Come On Rams Fans,Lets Sign This Petition And Get The Chance To Beat Down The Patriots At Gilette,So Come On Anybody Can Help,And We Need Help To Keep Gilette From Getting Locked Down.

  19. Varaider Says:

    Wanna show em we mean Business? Every fan & season ticket holder boycott 1 game, scheduled on the same sunday this year. No-one show up. Let the Owners know we are ultimately the in control here. Bet that would raise some concern with the owners. I bet a sunday with empty seats everywhere would do it.

  20. Phil Perspective Says:

    What does Obama have to do with this? People saw this coming down the pike before Obama even became President. It was baked in the cake when the last CBA was signed. Why don’t you blame it on Tim Tebow. He’s BabyJesus, after all.

  21. roman Says:

    lets go cowboys if guys take this from us we as fans are going to turn are backs on you when you guys return the only thing we will lose is watching the games ….and you lose millions. you do the math jerks

  22. Tom Says:

    I do not want to see a lock out. BOTH sides need to get it together and keep football affordable for famlies. Seems like the sport is gone and its all about GREED by players, owners and broadcast companies. In support of the players, they are the ones that make the teams and without them there is NO FOOTBALL.

  23. Taylor Says:


  24. Huong Whitelock Says:

    Do you have a twitter account? I’d like to follow you.

  25. Emma Says:

    How do you not see that this would absolutley ruin football? The recovery time from something like this is simply too much

  26. Says:

    You can interact online with other NFL fans at the social media profiles and

  27. derek Blackman Says:

    I think we the fans should do something else besides a petition like march to tbe NFL and demand Roger Goodell not lock out the players because it would be ignorant and selfish because, he’s just thinking about himself and not what the players, coaches and fan’s want. so i say to Mr. Goodell,DO NOT LOCK OUT or there will be consequences.
    No, that’s not a threat or a promise. And i’m sure all the others agree with me.

  28. Sean Says:

    A lockout is a bad decision even from a business standpoint. Though $4 billion will be coming in with fewer expenses for one year, doing this during the time an up an coming opposing league is just silly. If there are no NFL games on tv, people won’t stop watching football. More people than ever will be watching (and become greatly interested in) college ball, while others fall behind the UFL, a 2009 startup currently operating in non-NFL cities. If they don’t have to contend for even one year with the NFL do you think they won’t steal a huge chunk of NFL fandom and possibly some NFL cities? Don’t be silly. Don’t lockout.

  29. Brian Kral Says:

    As a diehard Green Bay Packer fan I implore the owners not to lockout the players; not only will the lockout deprive all football fans, but it will have an extremely DEVASTING economic effect on the Green Bay community. Green Bay is not New York, Chicago , Dallas or other big cities where there are a thousand other things to do. We have local college sports and a Junior A hockey team (level between high school and college), and a few other things, but their revenue is not even a pin prick when compared with the Packers. College students, parents and others work jobs that help pay for school or make ends meet in families;
    without football a grim economy becomes grimmer and those college students may not be able to afford going to school or it may take them much longer to graduate; Christmas or birthdays may not be as bright for children. I implore all

  30. Patti Says:

    A lockout would be the dumbest thing that could happen. Do you not realize how many people watch football every sunday & Monday? Not to mention the ratings the Super Bowl gets. Stop being children and respect the players they make you who you are.

    Do you know how many people this going to upset and or hurt. You have a lot of old people in homes or in VA. that really look forwaed to the games. So Please for all thsos guys ans all of us that LOVE football, (NO LOCK OUT)

  31. Patti Says:


  32. Matthew Guinn Says:

    Hey,Phil Perspective Y Dont U Shut UR Mouth,Tim Tebow Cant Do Any More About This Than We Can So Shut The Hell Up.

  33. Kevin and Trina Says:

    Hi, my brother and I LOVE watching football on Sunday, Monday, and sometimes Thursday nights. Our family LOVES to watch the Super Bowl and I have been (even though I’m a girl) watching football since I was a little kid! This will affect EVERY SINGLE NFL city in the USA! It will affect their economic status and social status. It will bring down their population growth and make the cities less wealthy because most of their income comes from football games. PLEASE DON’T LOCKDOWN, YOU KNOW HOW MUCH EVERY US CITIZEN LOVES FOOTBALL! I REPEAT. DO NOT LOCKDOWN. ~Kevin and Trina:)

  34. Fran Says:

    Give the players what they want so the fans can watch all teams play.

  35. leeandluke Says:

    F***ing ridiculous, do they even think of others and fans!? hahaha what a JOKE, I guess there is such a thing as a stupid questions! This IS a joke! There is no feesable reason for this except to be assholes!

  36. Mark Ramsdale Says:

    Don’t you folks realize that without the players you all will lose money? I understand that for most of you it won’t be as major a loss as it will be for the local economies such as my team the GREEN BAY PACKERS. As Mr Kral stated the smaller team towns economy can’t take the loss and ” A grim economy becomes grimer” You owners are already wealthy stop being GREEDY.

  37. Nick Says:

    sports are all i watch. nfl football is by far my favorite. i love every thing about it. it would be aweful if it was taken away from me. superbowl sunday has been considered an unofficail holiday and it would be unamerican to take that away from america. DO NOT HAVE A LOCKOUT! IT WILL BE WORSE FOR THE LEAGUE IN TRANSPARENCY!

  38. Sandra Skytte Says:

    To the NFL Board Members,
    Do you not have brains? Football is a sport alot of people love to watch on Sunday’s and Monday’s, you would be very ignorant to have a lockout on football, especially when you have probably millions who watch football, I’m a female and I have been watching NFL and the Green Bay Packers since I was 18 yrs old and I’m almost 60 and still watch football. Please don’t do a lockout.

  39. Kevin Sneed Says:


  40. kelli Says:

    I love football too, but I seriously cannot believe the greed of the players. More money? Really? They don’t make enough already? They are fortunate enough to have jobs that they love and get paid a hefty salary to play, but that is not enough. Sorry I simply cannot justify giving support such a thing when there are working class people who are barely scraping by.

  41. Leslie Says:

    Right now Football is the only constant in an otherwise chaotic time. It is currently the only thing that brings everyone together, regardless of race,creed,religion,sexual orientation or age. Remove that and remove the last thing in the country that unites us together. Incidentlly, you would also end up blocking our troops from seeing the games, shame on you.

  42. Jenn and Nate Says:

    We love football and with our huge family we watch all the games. Don’t do this. It’s stupid and just wrong. Think of the impact.

  43. Joe D. Says:

    Hey “Kelli” you need to read up on this lockout stuff because if you did you would realize the players are NOT asking for more money. It’s the owners asking for more money from the players’ cut. The owners will be to blame for a lockout. But we’re all screwed.

  44. tyler poe Says:

    Steelers >:) YEAH! Steelers >:) YEAH! … o yea dont do the lockout thing FOOTBALL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Jerri Says:

    I cannot believe these people are trying to get this shutout?! Why are we getting this crap in our “so called” DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY? COME ON OBAMA, YOU CAN VOTE, TOO. WE ARE ASKING FOR EVERYONE’S COOPERATION ON THIS. We need our football and this will make the economy worse, aren’t we suppose to make it better? Let’s do this together, plz?

  46. Karl Jean-Baptiste Says:

    Seriously, people are so greedy these days. Just come to an argument fast already. And make it a good one. I really can’t see myself and millions of football fans without football nest year.

    PLEASE NO LOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. dale Says:

    I now live in Florida and unable to see at least half of the games the Patriots play but sincerely enjoy the ones that I do. I have been unemployed for almost two years with no prospects in site with my last check claimed this week. I would sincerely hope that someone who makes millions a year would think about the joy that this game brings to those of us who have so little and forgo the need to increase their salary to beyond what I would never see in 10 lifetimes. A year will not make that much difference in the pockets of those making 10,000,000.00. Think about it and play…

  48. Wilfredo Rivera Says:

    This is incredibly retarded…. no way they would lockout the football season… the commissioner and nfl owners make to much money on sundays n mondays to shut down the season… listen, its going to sink in sooner or later to them the good times they had sitting on the couch in the living room watching football with the family and cheering on their favorite team, and hoping they would make it to the super bowl.. and when they did you could just get a sense of hope in your life knowing that anything is possible, our cities need that hope, and im a die hard patriots fan, i have never been to football game and i will not wait any longer to go see the patriots kick some butt… i have faith in the fans and players to try and convince the commissioner and the nfl owners to not lockout the 2011 season… Commissioner, nfl owners, to sum of us football is all we got, its the true past time of america not baseball….. that football field is where us fans used to dream of playing, so dont take that away from us even if it iz just for one season

  49. Linda Says:

    I can’t see how owners can consider a lockout. They of all people would know they stand to loose the most, in fan loyality, box-office and the moral that teams have with their fans. If owners want to be such money hogs they can start with not giving players such rediculous contracts. I mean where can you justify paying someone 8 to 11 million dollars a year? That’s outlandish. The NFL is going down if the only way to see a game is in person. I will NOT pay extra to watch a game on my TV: or espically in some crowded obnoxious sports bar where you can’t hear anything except the people who hope to start a fight.

  50. Terry Says:

    Here we go again, GREEDY owners who have nothing more important to worry about in their eyes. Well let us fans tell you owners something: You lock out the players and take football from us, then maybe we should stage our own strike at the NFL. How would you owners like that? Then you’re not going to make any money at all!

  51. Steve Says:

    Right now, most of the revenue is spread evenly among all 32 teams. The owners want to change that so the small market teams would eventually move to the bigger cities. The league was hoping that the owner of the Indianapolis Colts would not get another agreement done with the city. It was common knowledge that the league wanted them to move to LA. The owner wanted to stay here or we would all be fans of other teams by now.

    I quit watching baseball because of a lockout after a strike not long before the lockout.

    The owners have stated there would be football if a lockout happened. I will quit watching football, buying football paraphanalia and find some other way to keep occupied on any given sunday.

  52. jayesh patel Says:

    due to lockout employee will effect wiil be disturb, kids would be in trouble in education.other related persons to games wiil loss their income.its national loss also.

  53. Andrew Botto Says:

    The lockout is so freakin’ stupid! I only care about three things. My wife, my son, and the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES! Don’t take that away from me.

  54. Eddy Litwin Says:

    The lockout of the nfl would be the most terrible thing to happen since 9/11 and the election of obama. Im a die hard bears fan and if i cant watch my favorite team play football im going to be outraged. this season has been one of the most exciting ones in a while. if you lockout the nfl you as the corporation are making one of the biggest mistakes.1) less people will go to games once the lockout is over 2)you idiots will lose money. 3) you will put people out of jobs. its already hard with this F&^*’d up economy and for them to have familys and you taking there job away you would screw them over. So hear me out dont lockout the nfl

  55. Byron Says:

    Are you people serious? In times of economic hardship like this, the idea of a lockout is absurd. If you owners who are supporting this don’t pull your heads out of your butt, you might just find a new football league start up. I am a diehard Seahawks fan, they’re my home team and always will be…but if you people do this and another league starts up in your stead while you’re all whining and complaining about how you made a million less than you should have in a month, I’ll jump ship and never look back. Don’t be idiots, bite the bullet, pay the piper and keep on truckin! Ya’ll make enough money as it is.

  56. Lisa M. Says:

    I am a DIE HARD Vikings fan and we are already dealing with maybe having to move out of Minn because of the no stadium thing at the end of the year! I recently moved from Minn. to Nev., and I got to see almost every game last year because we were doing so well. This year we dont get to see hardly any games, but being able to watch the few I do get to see is the highlight of my week! STOP BEING GREEDY OWNERS!!! You already have a TON of $$$ or you wouldnt be able to afford a football team to begin with!!!Us Americans NEED our football, and Wilfredo is right…FOOTBALL is the American past time, NOT baseball!!! And FOOTBALL is as American as apple pie considering that Football everywhere else in the world is “soccer” to us!!! NO LOCKOUT NO LOCKOUT NO LOCKOUT NO LOCKOUT NO LOCKOUT!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP???!!!!!!!

  57. Ken H. Says:

    As long as Bud Adams is among NFL owners, this stuff will always be here.

  58. Mac Says:

    People are amazing. They act like its all the owners decision. The players union wants it to be like baseball, where the richest teams pay whatever they want, getting rid of all parity. I dont want a lockout either, but “give the players whatever they want” is a slippery slope. Think about consequences before you speak (or write, as the case may be)

  59. Robert Hodges Says:

    This Is the stupidest thing I have ever Seen. If a team cannot afford a player, they should not bid on him… let the teams afford the players they can get, The RICH teams will try and be the best, but will see, that sometimes a bunch of Rich Divas will not win ball games…

    Remember, the going rate is only the going rate if someone is willing to pay it.

  60. amy Says:


  61. Michelle Says:

    They are going to take away our very last vice

  62. Jimmy Says:


  63. Judi Harper Says:

    What a ridiculous thing to happen!!! So many people in this country love football and why has it gotten to be such a big company. So many people are fans and they do not want to be without there favorite sport!! Do not let the rich have the last say. We are big Packers fans and this would really hurt the community and the fans around the world.

  64. cesar Says:

    why not give them BAILOUT MONEY???.
    they can call JOKEBAMA and get their money easy…

  65. Ratasha Says:

    I just started to enjoy the game of football 7 years ago and now its in danger of being taking away from me. I feel like football would be finished for many fans:(. Get it together please!!!

  66. bryan Says:

    i wanna play fantasy!! and go to the games!! and tailgate!! and argue with my friends about it!! im passionate for this sport and im willing to do whatever it takes to get it back!! this is cruel and unusual u heartless people.

  67. bob Says:

    A lockout is just irrespnsible at this point. Think of all of the damage that would be done to the economy through losing not only the merchandising and jobs that come with a highly popular national pasttime, but also the revenue that would be lost just from the advertising from superbowl commercials. The fact of the matter is this – Politics ruin sports. Let the people be entertained. They have enough crap going wrong in their lives right now. Don’t screw up one of the few rays of sunshine we have.

  68. Fershawn Says:

    OMG…..this is retated, considering the only time I watch t.v is on sundays and that is infact to watch only watch football. I seriously think I would shut my cable off….I a huge fan of the chicago bears so the hell can I show my support for the team if we have a lockout??? Considering I am not paying 7.000 to go to the superbowl this year..Lets face the fact that lockouts are stupid and this should not even be considered!

  69. Nancy Says:

    My two sons have loved football since they knew what it was, it has saved their sanity over their 40 and 28 years, not to mention all the restful times women have gotten from males interested in Football instead of evil doings, why do this now. I also have two daughters who are fans so what the hey dudes? What is better than a sport that teaches many great things to players and fans…………………

  70. jan Says:

    Football is America, we need football so do not lock it out. Please get it passed. Thank you

  71. Kristie Thomas Says:


    Plus, my son loves watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Reality Show. You will really upset him!!!!! LOL!

    Just get yourself together and find away to make it happen. It happens everyday with Bailout money right????
    BamBama will fix it right?? That’s what he says he can do anyways!!!!

  72. Vanessa Jones Says:

    What idiot went to bed and got up with this idea. I live for football season. The idiot who came up with this idea did not think theis whole thing through. Do you know how many people would lose jobs behind this bad decision? We are already in a recession, what do you want the economy to do? go into a depression. Get yourself together, find something else to do. Why don’t you just build a boat or something that would take up some of you energy. This is not a fight you want to get into, this is a mistake. To many people could get hurt in this dumb idea.

  73. Jerry Holt Says:

    I truly understand the problems between the two sides. Although I am not aware of all of the little details, I am partial to the players because they are the ones who can’t walk after playing the game they love. I’ve never heard of an owner having to give up a team because of too many concussions or hits.

    To lock out the season when ALL of them have worked so hard to build a prime product so wildly popular would be a shame.

  74. Jerry Says:

    Look i am gonna sign this petition..but i think the players are the ones that are being greedy…Look Bradford got 50 million thats just stupid money…so with saying that dont have a lockout and work things out while the season moves forward.

  75. Charlene Belzer Says:

    Do not let Football be locked out. The economie is bad enough the way things are now without putting 100,00 of more people out of work. I LOVE THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS…….

  76. Arthur F Cate Says:

    I said this before and must again. The cities need to buy or start their own football teams, even have a new league, and to hell with the NFL owners. Howabout Green Bay, isn’t that city owners of their team.

  77. michelle k fellezs Says:

    please do not lockout the players we all love football and i am a die hard dallas cowboy fan please pay them what they want so they can continue playing and support their families and everyone will be affected and so will their families too….SO ONCE AGAIN PLEASE DO NOT LOCK THEM OUT

  78. Hailey Castagno Says:

    really? This lockdown isn’t going to help anything. The NFL Football players are out there doing what the love for us, the fans, they are out there every game, every practice for us. They know that if they get shoved, tackled or hit wrong, that could end their career, possibly even their life. This economy aint gunna get better with you idiots doing this. If you think you are so smart for coming up with this, why dont you use your brains to figure out how many people will lose their jobs, thanks to you. The Bears are everything to me and my family. Don’t Do This!!!!

  79. camron mckown Says:




    COWBOYS (:

  80. Jay Richards Says:

    No one wants an 18-game season. Would 10-8 make the playoffs? 11-7 win a division? 16 games is perfect, the game is perfect and everything is going swimmingly. LEAVE IT ALONE OWNERS!

    Nevermind all the injuries devastating my fantasy team. Personally, I’d rather have a lockout than an 18-game season. I say decertify and take them to court!

    GO NFLPA!!!!!

  81. Jay Richards Says:

    It would be really cool if some trillionaire just said screw it and bought the NFL from the greedy good for nothing owners.

    There are a tons of rich old white men that can own the Eagles and I won’t blink an eye. But there is only one DJax, Vick, Maclin, Avant, McCoy, etc.


  82. Marilyn Evans Says:

    Personally, I don’t care because I think players are way overpaid but the owners live off the backs of hard working taxpayers and blackmail cities into building state of the art multi million dollar stadiums and facilities when the cities are laying off employees and cutting back on services what does that say about us as a people. So the owners do NOT have a RIGHT or a privelege to deny us this stupid game. No lockout

  83. steve draeger Says:

    damn owners they have enough money already.. they dont need more

  84. Kim Says:


  85. austin Says:

    this is BULL!!!!!!! why are they even considering having a lockout!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. christopher lackie Says:

    Lockout!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me??? This idea of a lockout is a ridiculous and poorly thought of idea…. I have been a Cowboys fan ever since i could walk and Im over 40 years old…This was tried before and replacements were used to play strike games( late 80′s ring a bell????)…If it wasn’t for every diehard fan of the NFL braving the elements, over-priced beer and hot dogs, bad seats, bad football teams and bad coaching over all these years, the NFL (NO-FUN LEAGUE)would cease to exist…. If this lockout does happen, i would ask every red-blooded loyal football fan that loves this game to tell their respective teams to go straight to hell because in the end lockouts are all about the money- plain , pure and simple…To all you NFL players, take a good long look at yourselves and ask yourselves why you actually play this game…To all you NFL owners, you also need to take a good long look at yourselves and remember why you first got involved with your respective teams in the first place….If it is about the money then use that money for something constructive and something to help out the people that helped you get to where you are now. For both sides, remember this….IF IT WASNT FOR THE FANS , YOU PLAYERS WOULD BE PLAYING IN EMPTY STADIUMS AND YOU OWNERS WOULDNT MAKE A DIME!!!!

  87. Alex Hirchak Says:

    I’m not American, but I support the non-lockout. I remember a few years ago when the NHL went on strike for a whole season and there were tonnes of fans miserable and depressed. Besides, American football is my favourite sport and what am I gonna do if it goes on strike, watch the CFL?

  88. Liuna-200 - CT Says:

    agreed Steve- let the players play and owners stop wanting more-we fans can’t even enjoy a family outing to watch “YOUR” football, baseball or b-ball teams because the ticket prices have skyrocketed, we can only afford to buy one, if that…… also the discounted and “FREE” tickets you afford to “RICH CORPORATIONS” as kick-backs or incentives are unfair, self serving and are a hugh part of why our public ticket prices are so high. I mean patriots 2011 play off tickets for “1″ start at $142 up to , yes, $75000.00 for, I mean OMG $142 is my grocery bill for the week, so My kid couldn’t eat but I could go see the game alone while whe sits home and crys out of hunger and dissapointment I couldn’t afford a ticket for her, hmmmmmmm. This is AMERICA or is this NFL owners’ country?
    Help us….do the right thing for us not you. Give a little in this current economy, do a cut back in your own homes and leave the stadiums and it’s players and fans to enjoy the ‘game’

    *****steve draeger Says:

    January 5th, 2011 at 3:41 pm
    damn owners they have enough money already.. they dont need more

  89. Eric Says:

    Y would they lock out certain players that is not fair and not the AMERICAN way

  90. Ben Says:

    This is stupid and a waste of time! Do you realize how many lives you’ll impact?!?!?! This is the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE for crying out loud! It belongs to the nation, and you should listen to the nation’s desires! The players bust their tail week in and week out to provide us with quality entertainment, and a sport that all Americans love! Give them what they want to keep this game going!

    An angry Ben

  91. freddy Says:

    if you guys (owners) continue with this madness,we the fans are gonna make you regret it,we will not attend your games anymore,we will not buy your merchandise anymore and that my friends is gonna hurt your pockets and knowing how greedy you guys are that will be a painful experience…so go ahead we dare you…

  92. Calvin Says:

    The Green Bay economy would be completely ruined if their team would be shut down. The whole city revolves around the one thing that they have. A lockout would ruin the jobs, and lives of near everyone who lives in that great city. Owners/Players, start thinking about other things besides yourself!

    Plus, how could anyone live a full year and a half (because of this off-season) without football!?

  93. Donald Campbell Says:

    I support the players to the fullest they are the ones’ out there putting their bodies on the line every game and every practice the owners should realize that with out first of all the FANS and the players the NFL would not be what it is today. STOP the BS and get this thing done you do not what a 2 year period like the NHL had if you do have a Lock Out.

  94. Therese Says:

    Why the lockout? The players want to play and us fans want to see them play. Football is the best sport ever. Why would you want to waste the talent of some many men? Wake up and listen to the fans. We are the supporters. There are not many Americans that hate football. Be real and let them play. GO COWBOYS, GIANTS, JETS, RAIDERS, 49ERS, DOLPHINS, and the rest of the teams. WAKE UP!!!!

  95. stephanie Says:

    As a die hard Redskins fan, i would be so mad if i couldnt see them play. so PLEASE NO LOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Mike Hartford Says:

    Honestly a lockout would suck, but why is it that owners and players cotinue to see multiplying pay above and beyond a supposed “cost of living” increase which in itself makes no sense with the amount of money being paid out in the league. Why not control the crazy contracts and lower the prices of merchandise? Then we have the players and owners come back down to earth yet they can still have plenty of money to throw around. This sport was something that used to be played for the players and the fans and instead we see it as a money pit and an area where we no longer have a true love for the town/team the players play for anymore.

  97. David Says:

    Do the owners not realise how good they have it with the current terms
    Of the CBA. No other American sport allows owners to cut or release
    Players for any reason, at any time. The salary cap ties wages to the
    Teams income and any lock out will result in a permanent loss of
    Income to every team across the league. Once this CBA runs out and
    A new one, with different terms comes in, the owners will finally
    Realise what they have lost but it will be too late….. Don’t let it
    Happen, it will only bring bad results to all involved

  98. Andrew Young Says:

    We need football and we need to work this out before the draft so it doesn’t effect trades for picks.

  99. Barb Says:

    Please don’t Lockout the NFL next season! I quit watching hockey when the NHL did the same a few years ago and haven’t watched a game since, and I am Canadian!! It’s not exactly a popular choice I made but I pledged allegiance to the NFL and NASCAR….now I am losing faith in NASCAR because it should be called the Jimmy Johnson show instead….yawn… Don’t destoy what you have, because there simply isn’t any other sport out there that can compete with the NFL. It is a lifestyle that carries great traditions and rivalries and sundays, thursdays or mondays in the fall/winter just won’t be the same…I don’t think I can handle the withdrawal to be honest…

  100. Kevin Says:


  101. Kristy Says:

    As a Packer fan I enjoy reading the comments. It is true that it is not the players, but the owners, who are asking for more. It is in times like this that I am proud to be a Packer fan as we are the LAST publicly owned team in the NFL. No Jerry Jones for us, just fans and a board of directors to make the decisions. Good luck to Mr. Goodell in his quest to make sure that football in 2011 is a reality. GO PACK GO!!

  102. Mark Scott Says:

    You should all be ashamed of even thinking about a lock-out. Take a good hard look around this country right now, and then take a look at your bank account. I’m not against making money, but how much is enough. Try thinking of the average fan struggling to pay bills who loves NFL football, and ask yourself what’s really important.

  103. delores Gibson Says:

    No lock out!!!!!!!! I love the Ravens and i would be terribly upset as would my daughter if we could not watch them., This family is a real die hard Raven fans.

  104. crystalrenee Says:

    I am a hard core Ravens fan I’m from bmore I still live in the wonder place and I bleed black and purple we need football it makes the world a better place it is what makes america so wonderful these men put there hearts and souls on the turf they play hurt and through personal issues and we the fans are right with them don’t be foolish and throw there dreams away and take away all of the things we love about those men we care for and whear there names and numbers on our backs and do our dance when they hit the end zone NO LOCK OUT!!!!!

  105. Krystal Says:

    They (the NFL Owners & Commissioner) are too greedy to have a lockout! They will lose entirely too much money in the process to actually go through with this. When their accountants are done totaling up what the losses could be during this time period, I do believe the lockout will cease to occur!!!

  106. Becky and Daughter Dallas Says:

    Americans need football(NFL), don’t you all understand! If you ask me…the owners,coaches,and players are all forgetting what the league is about. It is about the GAME

  107. Chris Gappa Says:

    Please don’t make the whole world suffer from a lock out. It is very important to the players and fans to come to a logical agreement. I as a fan would be devastated to have to experience the lock out of the greatest sport on earth for the first time in my life; I’m 24 years old, I NEVER thought the NFL would have to deal with a situation like this. Do us all a favor, please let there be a 2011 2012 season. Sincerely Yours and a fan of the Green Bay Packers, Chris Gappa

  108. Freddy Garcia Says:

    You no wat i agree with evryone we need football if there was a lockout all hell will break loose chaos evrywhere without football america doesnt even exist so i say lockout will be a very very bad move and if the lockout happens u will regret screwing up evryones lives

  109. PAULA Says:


  110. Andrew Says:

    NO LOCK OUT!!!!! i love football

  111. Dan Says:

    Piss off the fans and there is no football. We make you remember that!!!!

  112. Riley Escobar Says:

    There can’t be a lockout.. We just signed Jim Harbaugh!!!!!

  113. Michael Says:

    This lock out is crazy you need to end this ruckus or we’ll end up having our players take jobs in nfl Europe just like all the other jobs… overseas.Their gain our loss! American greed took the fun right out of a widely loved game. The players deserve and earn every bit of compensation they get for the rigors they put their bodies through for our entertainment. We still buy the tickets to pay the salaries and we the people have no complaints other than a few dropped passes. Let’s keep our game @home.We lost enough already.T0 the $$$ and cents people (owners etc..)We lose football you lose income and respect.Everybody don’t get working class american money like you do.Give us some respect and let the players play!!!

  114. Rich Says:

    What the owners really need to know is that the season should remain 16 games. There is no way with the amount of injuries that already happen in the NFL that the season should be expanded.
    As Peter King from Sports Illustrated wrote in regards to the Saints not having any healthy running backs left during their playoff game against the Seahawks:
    “You’re tired of hearing me say this, but I’m not stopping. The Saints had five running backs on injured-reserve entering the game. Two more, Reggie Bush and Julius Jones, got hurt during the playoff game at Seattle. On the la…st drive of the game, New Orleans was down to fullback Heath Evans and DeShawn Wynn, signed Monday, with its season on the line. So on the biggest drive of the year, the Saints have their eighth running back and a fullback. That’s it. My point: And the league wants to go to 18 games? Who’d the Saints have signed for the playoffs then? Hokie Gajan?”

  115. Hannah Says:

    theres no way, football sunday is the one day i can accually get along with my dad!

  116. Todd D Says:

    I think it’s ridiculous what the owners are doing. They are billionaires who are letting their greed get in the way of common sense. last time I checked, these guys were not on the field putting themselves at risk for serious or permanent injuries. They already screwed the past players who made this game the most popular sport in America by not taking care of their disabilities in the proper way. And now they want to add 2 more games (unbelievably ridiculous) just for the sake of generating more revenue for themselves, without the thought of more injuries occuring to these players, who are the ones the fans come to see, not the owners. Pull your heads out of your rears and start using some common sense.

  117. Michael Says:

    The letter only covers the economy in NFL cities, yet does not mention the revenue that restaurants, sports bars, and other businesses would suffer all across America. Letting the CBA expire is not in the best interest of anyone involved, and if only greedy owners could see past the next dollar, they to would realize this.

  118. Dana D Says:

    There’s two sides to every story. This definitely isn’t a one-way lockout. It’s because players won’t accept the owners’ conditions. It’s obvious we’re not going to hear the owners’ full side of the story here. Before I make a decision on the issue, I want to hear all sides, not just demagoguery from one side. Anyone have a link to the owners’ conditions to avoid a lockout?

  119. CHUCK Says:

    I boycotted baseball for 10 years post strike. You will never make the $ back that you lose if you do not work this out. BOTH sides need to be realistic and stop being greedy.

  120. Sam Says:

    Personally, I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan, and considering that Aaron Rodgers had 2 concussions this season, I think it’s preposterous to propose a longer season. The only way that could be acceptable is if there was no pay cut. It’s one or the other, but both is unacceptable. Not to mention the fact that scheduling two games earlier in the year, taking the place of two preseason games isn’t smart. It would be the height of baseball season. I don’t want to watch football on warm summer days, football is supposed to be in the bitter cold. It’s why Lambeau Field is affectionately referred to as “The Frozen Tundra.” Two extra games won’t boost ratings.

  121. Ian Says:

    I am a huge Dolfins fan from across seas in Ireland, I think this Lockout is CRAZY! If you take away Football from the states its taking away your history! Not to mention the millions it makes for business in the Teams States. So many jobs will be lost and so much money will be lost. This just goes to show how greedy rich people get and how the poor normal people jhave o suffer for it as alwyas. Think of the Players! Think of the people! Think of the history! End the LOCKOUT!

  122. Alex Says:

    Having a lockout is the dumbest thing there can be thanks to football and Jerry Jones down in Dallas and Fort Worth there’s more security better highway, roads, and cities so if you have a lockout all those jobs are going to be gone. Plus with out football there’s probably going to be more kids committing more crimes since there’s not going to be a dream to look up to. You should think it over for the future of our children and everybody.

  123. Alex Says:

    There cant be no NFL for a year!! what am i going to do sunday and monday nights?!?!! this is madness!!!!!! i demand NFL football

  124. Alex Says:

    Football is my life dont take that away from me!

  125. Josh Kraft Says:

    This is unbelievable. Growing up, I myself played football. The sport taught me many core values by which I still implement today. I enjoy watching the sport but the most important part we need to consider is our youth who look up to the players and their accomplishments. Locking them out well… I shouldn’t express the words that come to mind. -Josh

  126. Maurice Kane Says:

    The NFL has become America’s Number One pasttime by creating and maintaining long-established rivalries (Dallas v. Washington v. Philadelphia; Green Bay v. Chicago), showcasing high octane multi-dimensional offenses, monstrous but meteoric defensive superstars, larger-than-life personalities who segue into broadcasting and commentary (Bradshaw, Aikman) and keep the legacies of past championships alive. The games on Sunday bring families together to watch matchups that toddlers to grandpas can enjoy without embarassment, fuel debates with friends and colleagues about who is better than whom, and employ thousands of people in a recessionary economy nationwide from in-stadium concessionaires to sports bars to restuarants that cater playoff and Super Bowl parties. Do not lock out the players.

  127. Jake Ouellette Says:

    Uuuhmmm…Come on now…This is kind of a no brainer…
    Either pay them, and lose nothing….
    Or lock-out, and lose millions….
    ANYBODY HOME???…..
    lol…but not really funny…

  128. Gina Iorii Says:

    The owners got themselves into this mess by paying first-round draftees millions of dollars before they ever played one down in the NFL. (See Ryan Leaf). I have NO problem with paying players good money, considering (1) what actors get for one movie a year, when they are not placing their well-being at risk; and (2) the average career of an NFL player (remember, they’re not ALL making millions). The NFL is entertainment for millions of people every weekend. If the owners want to cut off their noses to spite their faces, let them. Pay the proven players – that’s who we come to see; pay the backups (because they DO play, given the number of injuries sustained by starters); pay the special teamers; but DON’T ay millions to college kids who may never pan out (see Matt Leinart, who has made more money that most of us can ever hope to see). Owners, wake up! And NO 18-game season – there are enough injuries.

  129. sheila Says:

    Labor disputes no matter who they involve, should be settled without LOCKOUT! Representatives from the NFL came to our conference last week and asked us for support so now it’s on my facebook and my friends will join the fight, those owners better be ready for whats to come!!!!

  130. Marty Says:

    The NFL needs a new commish. Poor leadership and ambiguous rules that are not well thought out or articulated. Final straw for me was his calling the comments from the Players Association inappropriate. Does he really think that will help? With appropriate leadership this wouldn’t even be an issue that needed discussion.

  131. al Says:

    The NFL and team owners need to realize what is at stake here.

    They are at the top of the world in sports. A lock out will likely alienate fans like baseball and hockey have done in the past. It can only hurt their current status – maybe to an unrecoverable level.

    Recent polls have suggested that more and more fans are becoming reluctant to pay the prices to attend games in person and are choosing to watch from home instead. A lockout would undoubtedly accelerate that dangerous trend.

    Many players cannot stay healthy for a 16 game season. Adding another 2 games could be damaging to players and NFL Football.

    There is already a ridiculous amount of money to be shared by all. Fighting makes them look incredibly greedy which, in today’s economy, looks shamefully bad.

    Lock representatives from both sides in a room until they come to an agreement.

    Do NOT underestimate the significance of this or take fans’ loyalty for granted.

    Let Them Play!

  132. Bradley Says:

    NFL players should be well compensated. The nature of the sport places the risk of a career ending (or even worse)injury much higher than any other sport.
    Looking forward to the 2011 season this September.

  133. Nick Says:

    Just Ieave the season at 16 games!!! It was perfectly fine!

    GO PATS!

  134. michael Says:

    wtf is wrong with people these days?? why dont we REALLY do something about this?? fire all the people trying to do this.. what is wrong with our commisioner? he is doing a HORRIBLE job.. I COULD DO A MILLION TIMES BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE WORST COMMISIONER WE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE!.

  135. Darren Says:

    The main reason I am with the NFLPA this time is that it’s not a strike… It’s a lockout… which falls squarely on the shoulders of the greedy owners. There is no way you can convince me that ANY team is losing money in the most viable, popular sport in America. So why would they lockout the players, fans and all of the other collateral people other than to try and grab more money? With the U.S. limping out of this recession, it’s deplorable to think Billionaires would deprive us of our main passion b/c they want more money… They already have too much to know what to do with…
    How about teams that had a stadium built from public funds? We should get a pro-rated amount of our money back for funding these stadiums if they lock us out…
    Can’t the NFLPA organize a shadow league in each of the current cities with different names? Shoot you could have the games at High School Stadiums and you’d have just as many people if not more watching on t.v.

  136. Darren Says:

    Regarding 18 games… Ridiculous! As a fan I cross my fingers hoping my team’s best players make it through the already grueling year without an injury… Now you want to add two more games… Ridiculous! 16 is the perfect # of games… do not mess with perfection! Plus you make comparisons to previous eras statistically irrelevant.
    The only area i agree with the owners about is the out of control contracts for Rookies. There absolutely needs to be a Rookie pay scale with measured increases tied to profits. That savings in money than can be happily split between owners and players and everyone winsw. Actually, a % of those savings should be put into retirement Health Care for all players who have played for 5 years or more… RETROACTIVELY!!! It is one of the biggest injustices I’ve seen in my life… the way the NFL has treated past players who developed health issues due to their playing time. LET THEM PLAY!

  137. Twan Says:

    come on man yo I’ve been watching football since I was like 6 and I’m 26 and I don’t think I can wait a whole year to watch me Kansas City Chiefs play I need football theres nothing like the NFL I’m a basketball player but theres nothing like the NFL come on guys ya’ll have to come to an agreement remember, it’s all about the fans!!

  138. Jean Says:

    My husband is currently sitting in Afghanistan, waiting to watch the Super Bowl. He enjoys his 3 hours/ week during football season (he will be there for the beginning of the 2011 season)where he can “forget” where he is and watch his team play a game. This is his third combat tour. To the loser commish and the owners, please remember this isn’t just about YOU (I know it must be tough)! We pay through the nose to watch our team via Sunday Ticket b/c DirecTV is the only carrier (royalties, royalties) & I cannot even begin to “cha-ching” the items in our house with the NFL logo on them. We pay you well and, in turn, expect that money to go to the players that keep us entertained! We love football. How dare you hold it hostage!

    Roger Goodell needs to go. I don’t follow this side of the NFL, so I don’t know what needs to be done to get him out, but he’s destroying the game. Unfortunately, if the ratings are “the highest ever”, as fans, we’re probably screwed. What I don’t understand is if he is so concerned with player safety, how can he justify adding 2 more games? If he eliminates pre-season… fine. The guys are still, technically, playing the same number of games. But when I saw him in an interview on ESPN, he was speaking as though they would extend the season by 2. Simply laughable… player safety my butt! Yet, he can’t say how it doesn’t comprimise their safety… he babbles about “rule changes”. So here we go… strap on the velcro belts, ladies… it’s time for football!

  139. Michele Says:

    Please don’t have a lockout. Like many others have said, the revenue that would be lost would be staggering. I understand that its a business, but come on. Sunday afternoons, evenings, and Monday nights will never be the same. If the owners really do have a lockout, they will lose many fans. Work together to fix this for the fans.

  140. Brian Meeks Says:

    This is ridiculous. Two groups of grown men trying to get their way. The owners want more money and so do the players. Not gonna happen. They need to sit down and come to a reasonable compromise. That compromise should start with a cap on rookie contracts. No player should be coming out of the draft making more then a veteran pro bowl player who has proved he can play in the NFL. For example the deal that made Jake Long the highest paid offensive tackle is a good example. Granted he is a great young player but there are others who deserve that kind of money. Another point is that is the NFL wants an 18 game season then the player contracts should reflect the two additional games that count towards the standings. That is of course if there will be two extra games and not an additional bye week. Revenues are up and I think there could be a new win-win CBA for 2011. Quit acting like children and do what is best for all parties involved. It is possible but both sides are going to have to be smart and compromise. You are not going to get everything you are asking for.

  141. Kristine Cunningham Says:

    As a fan of the NFL, I really hope this lockout does not happen. I am in complete agreement with the NFLPA. I don’t understand how all season this past season they have preached about injuries. By the end of the season, players are worn out. This past season, 63% of players were injured at some point during the season. On average 3.2 to 3.7 per week per team are injured. Adding 2 more games to the season would result in 102.4 to 118.4 more injuries. That’s just ridiculous. I don’t understand why they would even want to allow this to happen. I know another big disagreement is the money. There is so much money that circulated throughout the NFL it is amazing to me that no one is happy. The owners need to stop being greedy, the players need to be a little less selfish. I sincerely hope that there is still football next season, or else the unemployment rate is going to soar even more. Just what America needs….

  142. Andrew DeCaro Says:

    Let There Be A 2011 NFL Season Dont Lock Out The Players If There Is A Lockout Or Of The Season Is Cancelled Blame BOB FM For This Cause I’m Looking Foward To Super Bowl XLVI On NBC Next Year Let Them Play If It Is Not It Will be We Play Anything On 97.1 BOB FM

  143. Jeff Says:

    The truth is it will hurt an already crippled economy if the owners lock out. They will still get their money because of contracts with wendors. I think it is the first step to the end of the nfl. greedy owners will get their due. Some other league should start up now and the heck with nfl.

  144. alex hartley Says:

    To the people with shortn memories….I don’t think the NHL will ever recover the funds lost after the short season. The NFL has a much shorter season. I find it mindboggling that they can’t come to terms. Maybe if the entire season is cancelled the towns lose a fortune, the players lose a fortune and the owners have to find another hobby. Shame aon the owners!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. talley Says:

    greedy fatcat owners

  146. Dan Says:

    $150 million in revenue lost in EVERY NFL city if a lockout goes into effect. There are 32 NFL teams, meaning 32 NFL cities. Multiply 150,000,000 times 32… that’s billions of dollars lost not just for the precious NFL suits, but that’s billions of dollars lost in the economy as a whole. If the fine suits that worry about their fat wallets want to irrationally issue an NFL lockout simply because they’re demanding more from the players for a smaller paycheck, let them do it. Let them cause a national plummit in spirit and money.

  147. Adam Says:


  148. Ted Cooper Says:

    I am not sure they will even let this suggestion be displayed and it may even be a ridiculous idea. But here it is, if the owners want to lock the players out and the players really do want to play, then play start another players league and play. Reps from each team sit down develop a schedule, find a location to play (even if it is at a local park) and I am sure there is some network out there that will sign a contract and split the monies amongst the players and the people involved that help the games get played. And if the coaches will not come along then there is plenty of talented players that can also coach. Then watch how the owners react and how they try to stop the player from playing and how the public re-acts to the owners trying to stop them from playing.
    Where do the players reside with the NFLPA or with the owners? Would there be enough players willing to walk away from the owners and play as this site is suggesting?

  149. Robert Parker Says:

    Let them play!

  150. ccairnes Says:

    I would miss football, but the advertisers would miss the eyeballs more. I don’t think the owners of these franchises can get away with collecting the dough for providing football, and not provide any football. The bummer for us fans and the players would be a bunch of out-of-shape boys out there trying to play without enough training and practice. I guess the owners will make up the difference from what they finally settle with the players for by not having to pay for the off-season expenses. …bunch of corporate profit creeps.





  152. Frank Family Says:

    Don’t let greed ruin what has become the Great American Game. A lockout will drive away fans from the teams that they love. Lockout = Suicide

  153. Oregon Rick Says:

    It took me years to return as a fan of the NFL after the short season. I will not come back if there is a lockout. Make a deal now – I do not want to have to become a hockey fan.

  154. Chris Hinsch Says:

    Hey Dont Have a Lockout

  155. Bennett Senf Says:

    Do your part as a fan. The NFL is means a lot to a lot of people. It is an escape for many people on Sundays,including our men and women serving over seas. It determines moods for people. It brings joy to people. This is America. And in America, we play football. Sign the thing.

  156. BGreaves Says:

    Most of the fans are regular folks who don’t make alot of money, but have a few passions in life, like rooting for they’re favorite football team. When we have problems making ends meet, we can’t demand exhorbantly higher saleries. We have to go out and get a second or third job. I say, if the owners are hurting that much, let them do the same!

  157. Alley Al Says:

    A lockout will only prove the overwhelming perception that the public has that the NFL & its owners are money-hungry monsters who just can’t get enough.

  158. Eric Says:

    Can you picture a year without NFL football? What would we do? The NFL’s collective bargaining agreement is due to expire in March and team owners have made a series of moves designed to lock out the players and fans. If the NFL can’t reach an agreement by the deadline in March, there will be no football to watch on Sundays. The NFL should get their act together and just extend the collective bargaining agreement because, both fans and players will be disappointed, money will be an issue if there is a lockout, and what good does a lockout do?
    Both fans and players will be disappointed if there is a lockout. I’m a diehard Eagles fan and I wouldn’t know what to do if there was a lockout. I’m sure thousands of others are in the same boat I am. Players love to play football and love the game. What do they do if they can’t play?
    Many money will be lost if there is a lockout. An estimated that more than 115,000 jobs would be impacted by a lockout and cause approximately $160 million in lost revenue in each NFL city. A lockout would have a devastating impact on local and regional economies. Stadium employees will be jobless, and sports bars, police officers, restaurants, hotels and various support staff who work for this game will also be affected. Simply put, these tough times will get even tougher for Americans.
    What good does a lockout do for anybody? If I were to ask 100 people, what would be good about a NFL lockout, I bet all of them wouldn’t have an answer. The fact that owners are even CONSIDERING shutting down America’s real past time, its most popular sport, its tradition, just to make more money is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. In baseball the owners and players went through with a strike back in the 90′s. People moved on and it took a few years for the MLB to recover in ticket sales, merchandise sales, fan interest, etc. Once you turn your back on the public, the public can turn its back on you.
    The NFL should get their act together and just extend the collective bargaining agreement because, both fans and players will be disappointed, money will be an issue if there is a lockout, and what good does a lockout do. The players want to play, the fans want to watch, analysts want to analyze, and the sports television stations want highlights. So let that happen in the 2011-2012 season.

  159. Heather D Says:

    No football? At all? Really? How the eff is this even legal! I will be devastated if this happens, and that’s an understatement.

  160. Andrew DeCaro Says:

    This Is Not Fair No Meetings NO CBA Talks Just More Stupid Junky 97.1 BOB FM If There Is No Season Next Season Than I Will Stop Watching NFL On Sundays Becuase That’s My Day Off From The Computer Please Don’t Let There Be A Lockout Because That’s Not Fair Cause There Need’s To Be A CBA Reached By March 4 Or There’s No More NFL Forever

  161. Dan Rakow Says:

    It’s time for all 32 NFL Teams owners to STOP Worshiping Money and put FANS FIRST so NFL Fans can watch Football in 2011 CBA or No CBA.

    If there’s No NFL Football being played.Crime rate would double or triple in many Major Cities,More insult to injury to this fragile economy and NFL interest with Fan would disappear totally.

    I enjoy College Football too However I need the NFL too.

  162. John Byrom Says:

    Owners need to keep the CBA the way it is. They need to get over the fact the players get the salary they get, i mean they get it for a reason. They put in the reps, the practices, the camps, and the film time on and off the field to get that salary, as well as producing on game day. The owners need to let go of the selfishness and help this process. There is three weeks left and a meeting is cancelles. Thats not progession, thats regretion in my opinion. They need to take thier lawyers and politics too, all that is doing is stirring the pot. so owners, PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES AND STOP TRYING TO LINE YOUR POCKETS WITH MORE MONEY! WITHOUT THE PLAYERS YOU WOULDN’T HAVE A TEAM, YOU WOULDNT HAVE YOUR MILLIONS A YEAR. NO GOOD WILL COME OUT OF THIS LOCKOUT, NOT FOR YOU, ME, OR ANYBODY! SO GET IN THE MEETING ROOM AND MAKE A DEAL!

  163. derek b Says:

    MEMO to owners: Fans spend money to watch the players play. NOT to listen to jerry jones run his mouth, watch and see if al davis is awake/alive or watch kraft shine his rings. What is wrong with you owners?!! Seriously are you all that greedy that you would let the season start late or not at all next year. Also i saw a few people siding with the owners on here. Cmon!! Im not bashing you I understand you may not know what exactly is going on here so you assume its the players fault. (usually is huh? lol) But this is not a strike which would be the players faults, it is a LOCKOUT. Which means that the owners are locking the players (and pretty much fans too) out of playing football because they want a bigger piece of the pie. Right now the owners and players basically split the pie 50/50. Players are fine with that even though i think they should get more. They are fine with a rookie pay scale because it lowers the money for unproven players (ex. Bradford) and reward players that overproduce from lower rounds (ex. desean jackson). The owners want the players to take less money but play more games. I have to laugh just reading that last statement. CMON!! I personally think it should be 60/40 players with the players taking care of the retired players security because we know the owners dont care about retired players but players do because they will soon be one. Sorry about the rant guys its just some people think since some players are looked at as “entitled greedy athletes” they are in the wrong. But its YOU GREEDY OWNERS that are possibly leaving us without football for a while. SPREAD THE WORD…OWNERS ARE IN THE WRONG. im done.

  164. derek b Says:

    There was a agreement in place for 2 or 3 more years that the OWNERS and players signed. Then all of sudden the owners cancel it before it had ran up. I will never understand that. Oh yea the reason i posted again…Geaux SAINTS..WHO DAT!!

  165. Robbin Says:

    It’s amazing to me how grown adults act more like little children than children. “If you don’t give in, we’re gonna make you pay!!!!” Nyah, nyah!! Honestly! Greed, selfishness, power, celebrity – all of it is making me sick. Sit down and talk – not yell – talk it all out. If there is something you’re stuck on, go to the next point. Somehow you’ve got to come to an agreement. You will not only be hurting yourselves, you’ll be hurting all those who are behind the scenes, you know, us little people who “serve” your big people and your pockets. They will be out jobs and I thought we were all trying to help each other out and trying to stop unemployment. I live in Los Angeles, with no team to support locally, and I don’t even get to go to a game because our schedules don’t work out (my husband’s and my schedule, that is) and I’m not driving 2 hours to go to a game by myself. But I watch it all I can and we record so he can watch, too. We can’t even watch some of the games we want to watch because we can’t afford to pay for it ourselves. You keep pushing people away rather than pulling us in and you expect us to side with you? Please work this out and don’t do the lockout. That just makes you look more selfish and more greedy. WORK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Mike Grant Says:

    We the fans know the truth! You start to fine players half way through season for BIG HITS because you are trying to sell the 18 game season & the players are concened for safety & this, THIS IS YOUR RESPONSE FINE EM CAUSE WE CARE FOR YOU!!! Take money out of your pocket so we can take money out of the fans’ pockets too. Yes we know the truth! Owners want an 18 game season cause of complaints of preseason attendence due to ticket prices so lets make 2 preseason games regular season games. Well how about you greedy owners lower the prices of preseason games. How about you utilize your resources to make it more of a family atmosphere for the fans on lower budgets who can only afford lower tickets. How about you provide tours or provide autograph sessions before or after preseason games. Oh I forgot you are trying to look out for the fans by providing a great product. Sounds to us fans that you are really just trying look out for your fattening of your owner pockets. We the fans know how long you pushed the 1980′s bargaining agreements back. We know that the players only have a 5 year shelf life on them. We know you use them up & when the player is all dried up you throw em away like garbage. We the fans will stand behind our teams who, are in fact the players who bring you your fan base, who pay the tickets, who fatten your pockets, who watch your games, who in all honeslty pay you your salaries. In other words LET THEM PLAY.

  167. Nick R. Says:

    Dear Owners,
    No fans want an 18 game schedule…only you and the owners do, so stop trying to pass it off as us fans.

  168. Benedikt Gruenkemeyer Says:

    A Lockout would be really stupid. I understand the millionairs and billionairs all want more and more money. They should count how much money they will earn if there is no NFL season in 2011. Not to mention the money they could lose because of frustrated fans who maybe won’t be back for a 2012 season.
    Let them play.

  169. realist Says:

    The owners OWN the business. This is america they can make as much money as they can. The players are employees of that business. I’m sure you work…you get paid what the owner of your company is willing to pay and I’m sure that owner makes WAY more % of money than the NFL owner does. This is no different than any company in the world that’s out to make maximum profits. The players want more money? Have them start their own league and take the risks/debts the owners have then they can get whatever the market is willing to pay for their product.

  170. Larry Snead Says:

    Multiple choice question.

    How do you solve a dispute between two parties who make alot of money frome a source called NfL Football?

    (A)Lockout- Unintellegent
    (B)Work it out- Intellegent

    The correct answer is B. How do you do it, you asked?
    Answer- by any means neccesary mr. owners and mr. Union,
    you’re already in a win, win situation, don’t let the greed factor9 which has already caused harm to our economy0 ruin it for you. “God Bless”

  171. MSG Says:

    I am 35 years old, and have been a 49er fan since i was old enough to walk. I also used to be a huge angels fan until MLB went on strike twice in the 90s, I havent watched a single baseball game to include a world series since. If the NFL Lockout and it ruins the 2011 season, I WILL NEVER WATCH A NFL GAME AGAIN. THATS RIGHT, I WILL REDO MY 49er man cave and burn all NFL Memorabilia, MARK MY WORDS

  172. Barry Says:

    If you ask me, a Lock out is not in the best interest of the owners, players or the fans. Owners will lose a tremendous amount of money. Players will not get renegotiated salaries, that are total out of control at the top selected players and the fan will not get to see football. Wake up everyone, have you seen the news on how the economy is these days. Greed by owners and players has somehow become out of control when negotiating salaries. Both owners and players at the top of the the NFL have, in my opinion have done very well. The fan is the person that is suffering. Lock out who cares maybe I will save money for something more important, by not going to a NFL event. Then owners and players both will be suffering if fan support disappears.

  173. Alexis Hudson Says:

    This is so much more. The NFL should understand. How could they even present something like that, when the NFL is supposed to be so passionate about the game of football…this make it seem as if they are not.

  174. Andrew DeCaro Says:

    Come On NFL Owners And Coaches And Players There Needs to Get A Deal Done By The Start Of Next Season If There Is No 2011 NFL Season Next Season There Will Be A Lot Of Stupid Junky Crappy 97.1 BOB FM Which There Solgan Is We Play Everything Cause I Don’t Wont To Listen To That Station Becuase There Might be No NFL And NBA Next Season And I Hope The Season Will Begin On September 8 Cause The Packers Play That Night And I Want To See Super Bowl XLVI On NBC Please Don’t Cancel The Season And Get The Deal Done Now If There Is No Deal By August There Will be No NFL Football And NBA Basketball Forever And No Sports On TV Forever Cause 2011-12 Season Could Be Shut Down And I Don’t Want That To Happen

  175. Basil Says:

    pass on this 18 game schedule, I don’t see it as helping the game. but cutting short the careers of some of our finest players, running backs more than likely.
    we need to protect the players more, not put them more as risk. While the average players career is 3-5 years, I just can’t see where an 18 game season is
    good for anybody involved. Maybe more should be done to help the Vet’s that builded the NFL to what it is today, but neither side is talking about that?
    Bottom line the NFL is nothing with us ,, you can take that to the bank NFL!
    All you/us fans need to have a platform to speak out, and this is a good start!
    So god~dell pack the greed up and get to work for a FAIR agreement, I get idea that you should be working for the Fan because without you are nothing.
    I rest my/our case.
    Basil a big 9ers fan & a big NFL fan ,, but not a fan of greed

  176. Jackie Says:

    This is ridiculous . This is alll about greed it’s disgusting. This is a battle of millionaires & billlionaires. If the owners are convinced that they will be losing a ton of money and they’re already not making enough then whhy don’t they open their books and actually show how much money is coming in and out! In the players defense, any game they play could be a injury, so why should they be expected to pay more without any more pay. The owners are already getting rich off the back’s of the players’ tallent. I have a serious problem with this & as a huge giants fan, it will be a pretty sad and long winter for me. Let’s just hope that the owners loose in court & the everything will be okay, even though it’s not looking good at allllll :/

  177. andrew Says:

    Stop bickering a bunch a four year olds. Give the players what they want because the put there health at risk every game and practice. Stadiums will burn if America loses an NFL season. Peace.

  178. Patti Reardon Says:

    Dear NFL owners,
    What do you have without your players and your fans? I think NOTHING.
    I honestly do not understand why you are not willing to show all. It honestly looks like you are trying to hide something.
    I understand that the players make an exceptional amount of money but now really, let’s all get serious here. Exactly what quality of life do you think they have after it is all said and done? I really can’t imagine. I have a pain condition and MS. I take Rx. marcotics on a daily basis. And let me tell you it is not fun living life in a constant battle of pain and depression. It is not fun living life in a cloud of pain killers. I live in NE Pa. The winters here are not condusive for someone who has these kinds of problems. I can not tell you how much enjoyment I get out of watching the games on a Sunday aft. I actually look forward to Sundays just to watch football.
    I honestly think that you should reconsider your options. Do you honestly think that the fans are going to side with YOU? I think not. You are not going to come out of this looking too good if this continues into the fall and fans are made to miss games. Fans are not going to side with you if the finished product that takes the field in Sept. is not which we know it could of been if your lockout forces the playes to miss conditiong time and practice time. Please reconsider.

  179. AprilDinDenver Says:

    First of all, the only people reading this are the people posting. The owners couldn’t care less what we, the fans, want. Obviously.

    Having said that… Are you freaking serious? If not for the players they have none of us would even watch the game. You get what you pay for.

    Just unreal.

  180. Coleman Hunter Says:

    The NFL has forgotten about the fans, the one thing that gives them a reason to enjoy the line of work they have, instead of going to a 9-5 Monday thru Friday job like the rest of us. Sunday in the fall is a reward for us. Something to look forward to after busting your butt all week. Remember who you play for or we will be forced to remind you who really holds all the cards.

  181. Julia kinlaw Says:

    Lift the lockout

  182. Vanessa Hamilton Says:

    Please end this lockout before the pre season. I am bored without football. Of course I watch other sports like basketball, baseball, gulf and hockey, but I LOVE FOOTBALL. I’m already suffering six months out the year without football; please dont make me watch reality show reruns…Please!

  183. Randy Says:

    I love NFL football and the Kansas City Chiefs !!! I’m also tired of the lockout and tired of worring about it anymore, my hope is at this point is that the owners just close down the NFL and go out of business and be done with it because the FANS are already done with all of it.

  184. Miya Says:

    September is almost here Please please please please please let there be football this season!!! I don’t know what I would do in the winter without football. I love the Bears and football! NO MORE LOCKOUT!!

  185. Regina corn Says:

    This is great!!! Those big fat prima donnas just might have to get a real job. God save us from the unbelievable sheep who just keep asking to get kicked in the head over and over again. Those brain dead zombies “Give me my NFL” It isn’t yours, you morons, it is a big business that is controlled by organized crime and you don’t count at all, please tell me you can see this?

  186. Anonymous Says:

    September is right around the corner. I really dont watch any other sports but football, i was looking forward and still am hoping that they can come to an agreement so we as the fans dont have to suffer the consiquences. Football is something that we as fans Love to enjoy not by ourself but with friends and family. So this is something we all have in common as the fans…So please lets stop this madness and stop the lockout!!

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