October 13th, 2010

The players and fans didn’t ask for this fight. The players want to play football. This is a LOCKOUT, not a STRIKE. Players did not opt out of the CBA early. Players did not hire the same lawyer that locked out hockey to represent them. Players did not renegotiate television contracts to guarantee revenues even if there are no games. Players did not opt out of funding assistant coaches’ pension and benefits programs. Players did not hire two former NFLPA Presidents in an attempt to divide and conquer. Players did not want to fundamentally change the competitive balance of the NFL by entering into an uncapped year. Players did not pursue a Supreme Court case seeking anti-trust immunity to control things such as free agency. Players did not short-change their revenue sharing obligations to small market teams.
Players are focused on making sure that the NFL games are staged in 2011 without interruption. The NFL players have pledged to the fans.
We are men, and we are family men who love our country, our game and our fans.
As we face an uncertain future and the threat of being locked out of the game we love and rely on to provide for our families, we make to you this solemn promise:
To the Players who have come before us, fought and paid the price for pensions, health care and free agency — to men like John Mackey, Alan Page, Dan Marino, Freeman McNeil, Boomer Esiason, Reggie White and Kevin Mawae;
To the stadium workers, officers, businesses and everyone who gets their hands dirty working for this game;
To each and every player who risks everything for the thrill of this game;
To everyone who loves this game and lives as we do for kickoff;
And to the few who stand against us;
The Players and fans will STAND AS ONE.

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  1. Ant Says:

    this is a bit presumptive, WE fans wont stand with ANYONE were stuck in the middle, stil squaabbling over who will get the biggest slice of billions and get a new CBA agreed.

  2. RJ Says:

    I’m happy to hear that the NFLPA supports a salary cap for competitive balance (above: “Players did not want to fundamentally change the competitive balance of the NFL by entering into an uncapped year.”). I think that’s one issue we can all agree on. Keep the cap!

  3. Erin Says:

    Having a “LockOUT” would be a seriously stuipd thing to do! They would a lot of money! People buy jersys,shirts,hats, and whatever other NFL merch is out there! Plus ppl would lost their jobs! SO PLESE DON”T HAVE a lOCKOUT! AMERICA LOVES FOOTBALL!

  4. Jim Bennett Says:

    Our country is hurting, we dont need to hold the fans hostage while the owners destroy peoples lives, thousands will lose their jobs and families will be put on the streets because of no jobs! I think someone should wake up and realize the consequences of not having a season!

  5. Shane Perkins Says:

    Please DO NOT have a lockout next season. It will only hurt the people as a whole. Jobs, money, players, and fans will all be affected. It will also cause the NFL to lose a lot of fans, just look at other sports that had lockouts and they still haven’t fully recovered from it. Put all the petty issues aside and keep the football seasons going. It would be a big mistake not to. I am a die hard Green Bay Packers fan and can’t stand the thought of not being able to watch them next season. The players work hard to play and the fans are loyal to their teams. Without the fans, the NFL wouldn’t exist. So please, DO NOT have a lockout.

  6. rodneyassalone Says:

    we need no lock out for games yous need to pay your players first right please dont have a lockout i like watching football on tv

  7. lynne Says:

    I support the players it’s not rigth the owners need to end the lockout,because there’s lot of players need to be sign.

  8. lynne Says:

    there’s lot of free agents also need to be sign also,it’s not right.

  9. lynne Says:

    End the lockot please,i need to watch my favorite teams,Bengals,Jets,Bears.

  10. Michael R. Young Says:

    It is clear the owners had an agenda to arm twist money out of the various networks first to have a cushion when they locked out the players! The argueing over money that never has been disclosed even to an independent organization shows how petty the owners really are! The players are the ones who gamble their future health & welfare now & sometimes have nothing in the future; dispite great pay they receive, due to unfortunate or careless events. The fans are hosed as well for their support for their teams at the box office & other outlets that display their teams logos; so the media are not the only ones being hosed for more pay or else no show! I hope the judge can make the owners understand that Monopolies can be broken & they better not continue to abuse the system; settle now!

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