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President Warns Elected Officials of Lockout’s Impact on Local Economies

November 24th, 2010

Earlier this week, NFLPA President Kevin Mawae wrote letters to elected officials, alerting them of the urgency of the current NFL labor negotiations.

Dated November 22, 2010 (100 days before the expiration of the current CBA), these letters implored governors and mayors to consider the economic impact a lockout would have on the people they represent.

“As a public official, you are vividly aware of the enormous challenges that have arisen from the worst economic crisis in the United States since the Great Depression,” wrote Mawae.

“Particularly during the next 100 days, before a potential lock out by Owners, we strongly urge you to think about the hundreds of thousands of stadium workers, hotel and restaurant workers and other working people … who support the [teams] as dedicated employees and fans.”

Letters were sent to incumbent and newly elected Governors and Mayors who represent the cities and states where the 32 NFL teams play.

For more information, check the news sources below:

WLUK-TV, FOX 11, Green Bay: NFLPA Reaches out to Political Leaders
“A possible NFL players lockout is now less than 100 days away. And the players union is hoping to put the pressure on team owners by sending letters to politicians, like Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt, to get them involved. The letters were sent out Monday to mayors, governors and governor-elects in NFL communities asking them to contact the teams. The message– tell them to get involved in ‘meaningful dialogue’ with the players union in order to work out a new contract and avoid a costly lockout of players.”

105.7 FM, The Fan, Baltimore: Ready to do Battle
Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs for the NFL Players Association, George Atallah, called in to talk with Bruce and Zinno about the looming CBA negotiations. While on the air, Atallah addressed the letters sent by NFLPA President Kevin Mawae to political officials and discussed the status of the labor talks., Kansas City: NFLPA Sends Letters To Gov. Nixon, Mayor Funkhouser Regarding NFL Lockout
“[The letters state] NFL owners including Hunt and Kroenke have ‘chosen to prepare for and threaten to lock out players and fans in the 2011-2012 season.’ The letter points out the NFL’s various TV deals that will pay them — money that must later be repaid — whether there’s football in 2011 or not. ‘Owners will continue to thrive financially at the expense of serious job losses among your constituents and major lost tax revenue,’ the letter states.”

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: NFL union: City revenue may shrink
“Mr. Mawae said the government leaders had further incentive to lobby Steelers ownership to sign a new contract since the team benefits from public tax subsidies, such as the Allegheny County sales tax revenues that help pay for Heinz Field. ‘It is incredibly disheartening to know that the passion of Pittsburgh Steelers fans and the local and state funds that have benefited the team in the form of land grants and other tax subsidies are apparently taken for granted by NFL owners like Mr. Rooney,’ he wrote.”

POLITICO: NFL union warns cities, states of lockout
“The union’s aim is to bring public pressure on team owners in advance of the March 4 expiration of the players’ contract, and it has dispatched similar letters to governors, governors-elect, mayors and mayor-elect in all NFL cities.”

What’s Behind The NFL Curtain?

November 23rd, 2010

In an interview with The Washington Post, NFL outside counsel Bob Batterman had this to say: “The best way to avoid a lockout is to be prepared to lock out, okay? A union which thinks you’re never going to do it, that you can’t pull that trigger, isn’t going to compromise reasonably where the compromises need to be made.”

100 Days To Go

November 22nd, 2010

Only 100 days to go until NFL owners enforce a lockout…

As NFL Eyes 18 Games, Player Injuries Continue on Record Pace

November 18th, 2010

Alex Marvez, a Senior NFL Writer for, wrote the following article today on the NFL’s push for an increase of two regular season games:

The NFL commissioner hopes a reduction in offseason workouts and preseason games can help prevent and/or offset some of the injuries inherent in expansion.

But as it stands now, a 16-game docket seems rough enough. Dating back to the offseason, NFL teams have already placed 34 more players on injured reserve through 10 weeks (311) than at this point last year (277). The final numbers will assuredly be the highest since the NFL began playing with 32 teams in 2002.

The current list includes four Pro Bowl selections from last season: Indianapolis tight end Dallas Clark, Houston middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans, Philadelphia fullback Leonard Weaver and Denver outside linebacker/defensive end Elvis Dumervil. Other big names include Jacksonville DE Aaron Kampman (knee), Miami QB Chad Pennington (shoulder), Pittsburgh LT Max Starks (neck) and Green Bay RB Ryan Grant (leg). Even kickers aren’t immune with Cincinnati’s Mike Nugent and New England’s Stephen Gostkowski the latest casualties.

For Marvez’ full article, including a breakdown of injuries for all 32 NFL teams, click HERE.

Block the Lockout Conference Call with Labor/Union/Issue Bloggers – November 15, 2010/1:00 p.m. EST

November 17th, 2010

With NFL owners threatening a lockout unless players agree to major concessions, the NFL is headed for a labor dispute that would leave stadium seats empty and TV screens blank next fall. To help spread the word about the impending lockout as a union issue, the NFL Players Association held a labor/union/advocacy blogger conference on Monday, November 15th.

For more about the NFLPA and the Block the Lockout campaign, visit (which features the Block The Lockout petition) or follow at and

Link to the Call Audio:

George Atallah – NFLPA Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs
Kevin Mawae – President, NFL Players Association

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Cowboys’ Collapse May Cause Jerry Jones To Rethink Lockout Plans

November 10th, 2010

Yahoo! Sports writer, Jason Cole, reported yesterday that due to the recent downfall of the Dallas Cowboys, it would be in the best interest of team owner Jerry Jones to avoid a lockout.

Cole writes that if Jones wants “to keep his luxurious new stadium filled with fans and sponsors” next season and beyond, “Jones will need every bit of the offseason and the manufactured excitement that goes with it to market his suddenly moribund franchise.”  

Jones will have his work cut out for him in the coming months if he wants to successfully market a team during a difficult transition period. According to Cole, some of the moves Jones would like to make during the offseason are hiring a high-profile coach, upgrading the roster with trades and free agents, and keeping media attention in order to reassure the public that the team will be better.

If NFL owners decide to lock out players once the current CBA expires in March, as expected, Jones would certainly have his hands tied.

“Jerry is always about marketing, and this situation is going to be really hard for him to market,” a league source told Cole. “You can’t generate any excitement about that team unless they’re signing players or hiring a big-time coach.”

Around league circles, Jones has been viewed “as a staunch leader of the pro-lockout faction of owners.” But with the sudden collapse of his team and a lockout on the horizon, it now becomes vital to Jones that the Cowboys remain in business during the offseason. Then again, he and his fellow owners could still move forward with their lockout plans and simply rely on the billions the NFL will get from the TV networks even if there’s no football.

For the complete story, click HERE.

Hypocrisy At Its Best

November 5th, 2010

Take a look at the NFL’s version of enhancing player health and safety…

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