Huffington Post Asks Why CBS Cut Jerry Jones’ Comments On The NFL Lockout

December 23rd, 2010

The Huffington Post ran a column today questioning why CBS’ 60 Minutes failed to televise comments made by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones regarding an NFL lockout.

Brian Frederick, the executive director of Sports Fans Coalition wrote, “His [Jones’] comments during the 60 Minutes interview on the looming NFL lockout should have garnered more attention. Problem is, CBS didn’t air them. Rather, CBS included them in its online “Overtime” feature, which was likely seen by only a tiny fraction of fans.”

Frederick points out that the first thing NFL fans want to know is whether or not there is going to be football in 2011.

“Jones’ comments about whether there would be football — again, what every fan wants to know — were cut for content reasons,” wrote Frederick.

The column highlights several lockout-related comments made by Jones to CBS reporter Scott Pelley:

“Basically, the model that we have does not work,” Jones told Pelley. “The economic model of the NFL that we have, relative to the players does. Not. Work.”

Frederick explains that Jones emphasized those last words “as if he was hoping to single-handedly change the (true) perception that the league is the most profitable in the world and has never been more popular.”

During the interview with Jones, the outspoken NFL owner was also asked: “Do you think [a lockout] would be disastrous for the game?”

Jones: “No. I do not. But I know that the sentiment is not to have a lockout.”

In response to Jones’ comments that a lockout would not be disastrous, Frederick wrote:

“How is that not news? At the very least, it would be totally disastrous for the fans.”

For the complete Huffington Post column, click here.

3 Responses to “Huffington Post Asks Why CBS Cut Jerry Jones’ Comments On The NFL Lockout”

  1. Anjanette Akridge Says:

    Jerry Jones,

    And the rest of the NFL a lockout in 2011 would be a disaster because people look forward to the NFL season. Even though people have many things going on in their own life’s they know that they will always have football. I have been to your new stadium, but if you have a lock out I will never go back. The fans lay the issue at your feet. The owners is the ones that started the issue by paying players for more than they are worth. It is not the players fault it is the owners fault.

    God Bless
    Angie Akridge
    I have been a fan since the 1970′s

  2. jennifer Says:

    Honestly if you allow this kind of BS pass then you can never say you are a die hard fan. So the owners really think they can just sit back & collect why the players are getting hurt, having to transfer thier families & especially dealing with some of the dumb idiots in this world who accuse them of something that was never nothing. Lets put the owners on the field for a day and see how them & thier greedy a@@ families like it. DALLAS COWBOYS I AM SUPPORTING YOU ALL THE WAY!!!!

  3. Edward R Vega Sr Says:

    As a “true” fan of the game, I understand your feelings about this lock-out however I cannot support this cause quite simply because I have a different perspective. The owners, executives, and players alike are all to blame for what has happened to the NFL as we know it today… In fact we as fans have to recognize that in part we are to blame as well… We as fans support the NFL by way of revenue and we continue to do so even at the expense of the integrity of the game we have always known it to be… From what has transpired since the early 90′s we as fans have had to ajust to free agency, high salaries, no team loyalty, and more recently to rule changes that are directly and immediately changing the game, and now to the unknown future of the NFL 2011 season… Still! We as fans support it by continuing to buy game tickets, appearel, and other merchandise that feeds the very greed we as fans dispise… I have a two income family that brings in a comfortable living, but to take my entire family to watch a live NFL game is almost impossible because of the cost, so I just don’t do it. Instead we watch on tv as a family… So to hear that there will be a lock-out because a few millionares have a contract dispute! Hell! I’ll do one better for you… How about a “Boycot”! For all that these people have done to the game that I loveI… That we as fans love! I tell you what I am so close to quitting the NFL all together and start watching Rugby… It seems the only pure sport out there and guess what… You can actually tackel in this sport… It would be one of the hardest thing to do just ask anyone who knows ne but something has to be done!… A lock-out… Child Please!    

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