NFL Super Fans Forum on Ustream

February 18th, 2011

Who: NFL super fans and NFLPA officials

What: NFL super fans from all over the country will gather to talk about the pending NFL Lockout and participate in a live Ustream chat with NFLPA officials. The goal is to raise awareness, get fans involved and inform them of the facts concerning a NFL lockout. Several super fans in select NFL cities will host “Lockout Lockdown” parties during the Ustream chat. In addition, any fan with Internet access is welcome to join the Ustream chat.

When: Monday, February 21, 2011 from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. EST (Ustream Chat)

Where: Ustream –  Fans, be sure that you have a Ustream account and are logged in so that you may ask questions in the “Chat” feed.  More information on the “Lockout Lockdown” locations, times and specials can be found HERE.  

Contact: Jillian Ricard or DolFanJill (Twitter)

2 Responses to “NFL Super Fans Forum on Ustream”

  1. Marc Angelo Says:

    I think NFL fans should boycott the NFL in some way if they don’t sign before the deadline. The fans support The Owners and Players through good and tough times and you all thank us by a possible player lock out? The only way owners will le…arn is if THE FANS unite.

    The NFL has been making more and more money on a yearly basis even through the poor economy so I don’t understand the Owners points.

    Why can’t Owners raise minimum NFL salary by $50,000 a year, then at the same time withhold $50,000 a year per player accross the board. 50% of money withheld goes into that players account to fund a medical plan other portion for all NFL alumni medical plan. A plan something like this could end the medical problem non vested retired players have that often leave them BROKE.

    Why can’t players take lesser promised money and play for their performance bonuses? To many players get a paycheck and turn into a different player and owners and fans feeling jipped. In the real world you need to perform to get ahead.

    Why can’t fans get a reasonable ticket price, reasonable parking costs, reasonable food and beverages costs and a good PROFESSIONAL product on AND off the field?

    I know I don’t understand the entire business side of the NFL but tend to side with the PLAYERS and FANS of the NFL. Seems to me The Owners make out very well. I have been a loyal fan since a kid. As an adult I spent many hours looking at football and about 10% of my income going to games and on merchandise. I love the NFL so much it is hard to say my boycott of the NFL would be 100% if they do have a lock out but I can promise this. If the NFL does have a lock out and misses any amount of time I won’t buy any merchandise for double that length of time. Starting March 5th if you have a lock out my time starts double. I have been a season ticket holder for 6 years. I will not renew my season ticketsfor 2011/2012 untill a CBA has been signed(I have had many calls and letters asking me to renew).

  2. Alexander The Great Says:


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