Forbes’ List of Billionaires Includes Several NFL Owners

March 10th, 2011

This week, Forbes Magazine released its annual list of the world’s top billionaires and this year’s list once again included several NFL owners. When filtering the list by “sports,” nine of the top-10 billionaires represent NFL owners.

Among the top-10 in the sports industry are the Glazer Family (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Stanley Kroenke (St. Louis Rams), Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys), Robert Kraft (New England Patriots), Steve Bisciotti (Baltimore Ravens), Robert McNair (Houston Texans), Jim Irsay (Indianapolis Colts) and Arthur Blank (Atlanta Falcons). Alex Spanos (San Diego Chargers), Bud Adams (Tennessee Titans) and Dan Snyder (Washington Redskins) are all tied for tenth place in the sports category with a net worth of over $1.1 Billion. Tom Benson (New Orleans Saints) and Jeffery Laurie (Philadelphia Eagles) are also among the billionaires named on the list. Not a single NFL player was on the list.

Forbes also released its list of the 400 richest Americans. Although dominated by NFL owners, not a single NFL player was included on that list.

With the expiration of the CBA coming tomorrow, NFL owners continue to seek roughly $800 million on top of the $1 billion or so they already get up front under the current CBA. Despite the owners’ demands for a larger portion of revenues, the Forbes article shows that the net worth of owners such as Glazer and Jones actually grew over the past year.

To view the Forbes list, click here.

One Response to “Forbes’ List of Billionaires Includes Several NFL Owners”

  1. Feylin Hall Says:

    I feel so sorry for all the families that are not owners or players but all the families who run all the things that put football on our TV’s every week. But especially the men and women who are fighting and dieing for our freedom and their families. And don’t forget all the disabled people who can’t ever go to a game. I am sorry for them.

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