NFLPA Renounces Union Status: What Does This Mean?

March 11th, 2011

• Because a fair, new Collective Bargaining Agreement was unable to be reached by the expiration of the current contract, the NFLPA, to best serve its members, has renounced its status as a union in order to block the impending lockout by the owners of the NFL.

• By disclaiming interest, the NFLPA no longer represents the players in collective bargaining with the NFL. The collective bargaining process proved futile due to the owners’ desire to implement a lockout, and the players must take new action to fight to keep the 2011 season on track.

• As shown by a March 1 ruling by Judge David Doty, the NFL has been actively strategizing for a lockout of the players for more than two years. The NFL negotiated contracts with TV networks to provide over $4 billion in 2011to the NFL even if the owners shut down the League and no games are played in 2011. A federal judge decided that the purpose of the NFL’s deliberate actions was to “advance its own interests and harm the interests of the players.”

• The NFL left the players no choice. The protections afforded by federal anti-trust laws that prohibit illegal corporate behavior now offer the players the best chance to prevent a lockout and protect themselves and their families. Under federal law, the players understand that they must relinquish union affiliation to pursue their anti-trust case.

• Any agreement reached from this point forward with the NFL will be as a result of the court system, not a collective bargaining agreement.

• Disclaiming interest is the last ditch effort by the players to save the 2011 season.

3 Responses to “NFLPA Renounces Union Status: What Does This Mean?”

  1. Happy Says:

    The USFL never caught on because the NFL had all the good players. Now the NFL has chosen to lockout those players and the $1,000,000,000 NFL franchises aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on without the players.

    I’d recommend to the players that instead of relying soley on the courts that they partner with some knowlegeable business folks and form a PFL (players football league). Care will need to be taken not to violate the NFL’s copyrights and intellectual property, but worst case the NFL is suing the PFL and they’re the ones relying on the courts.

    In actual fact once those greedy owners realize that it is the players that people are paying to see and that the players can leave the owners holding worthless franchises for teams in a defunct league I have a feeling the lockout will end in short order.

  2. Angry Fan Says:

    I am 100% AGAINST the players. You make a ridiculous amount of money to play a game. I don’t care if the average career is just a few years. Don’t leave college early and earn your degree.

    I DO NOT follow players. I follow a team. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since birth in the 60′s. Regardless of who is playing, I’m a Cowboys fan.

    There needs to be a rookie salary cap and a team salary cap. The players should get a flat 50%. The facilities you work at are state-of-the-art. Who’s being greedy?

  3. Troy Schnell Says:

    Noting all of the teams cutting office employee pay, I would think it would be a good PR move for the former NFLPA to maybe make up those pay cuts to office employees.

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