DeMaurice Smith’s Official Statement to Press

March 11th, 2011

6 Responses to “DeMaurice Smith’s Official Statement to Press”

  1. john woods Says:

    Long time fan some of the best times I can remember were spent watching games with my now deceased father. I don’t blame the players for being greedy, they want their fare share of the spoils. The last 10 years 15 of my closest friends and their families have had an annual schedule much like the NFL breaking down each sunday,monday, or thursday when the steelers play ,by each taking our turn hosting the game. I’ve been seeing both enthusiasm, and interest dwindle. We had a meeting and decided instead of getting together next year to watch our beloved steelers work there way to the ultimate game, we decided we would meet strictly on monday nights and watch RAW and there players fight their way to the main event wrestle mainia as both events are nothing shot of a circus. Just a touch of sarcasm when sarcasm is due. Come on people how big of fools do you think we are. 3 million a minute for a commercial and you get 11 million for monday night yes I don’t blame the players for wanting their fare share. What I do blame the players for is not taking their game back, back to reality. People please understand things are way to obvious, and there are many just like myself who think this way. People know what the W W E is all about and they still watch it. Me it just hurts to see what Americas game has become. The NFL will never have to pay me for a super bowl seating debacle as I have decided to go to W W E main event, at least you expect to see them lining up at ring side to trip a member of the opposing team. Maybe if one forth of the active players had not been brought on charges of one type or another. Oh I could tweet for days on your circus instead I’ll find another sport because the major three all joined the circus and we thought barnum and Bailey had the best show on turf (earth) shame on all of you, and good bye. Our wives will finely get something done on Sunday.

  2. john woods Says:

    Players are on the right track about tV contracts,they want it unsealed, the NFL doesn’t want anyone seeing that. What could possibly be so secret perhaps they don’t want anyone to see it, perhaps it has media guarantees that the games will be well
    balanced to keep viewers tuned in throughout the game, it may even show methods they employee to assure that balance, wouldn’t that shake things up! Or maybe it just show the real profit? I think as fans the wwe ops I mean the NFl needs to put the truth on the table, then the players need to take their game back no matter what the cost. .

  3. Paris Tagaca Says:

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  4. john woods Says:

    The NFL no longer waste my time WWE is known by everyone to be hollywood sports and maintain a following The NFL on the other hand only goes hollywood on the big games just study the games and outcome of those games over the last 10 years there is just two much money involved. My advice to the players hold your ground force owners to open that broadcast contracts then look close at the fine print especially for the big games THEN TAKE YOUR GAME BACK let the best team win. TAKE SPECIAL INTEREST OUT OF THE GAME RESULTS and oh yeah send RODGER THE DODGER PACKING maybe he could take Mr Jones with him

  5. john woods Says:

    Maybe its time the fans take the game back you might think how could we do that. Well let’s see, it would take national communication and solidarity. First we boycott all companies advertising during the super bowl then you might say I love those commercials however at 3 million a minute, all paid for by the consumer, and last but not least the players get to play their game a game without forced parity through all four quarters to assure spectators will watch the entire game,and advertisers will buy time equally through four quarters. Maybe then the best team would win. The player should have the fans back by holding out till they get what they want, and we get what we want. A game free of the big fix.

  6. john woods Says:

    Hey people look at last years play off games and all the story lines its way bigger then we think, way bigger!

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