Lift the Lockout Letter to NFL Commissioner and Owners

March 12th, 2011

National Football League

280 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10017

Dear NFL Commissioner and NFL Owners,

We the fans of the NFL demand that you lift the lockout. The players want to play football and we passionately want to enjoy our favorite sport.

When you locked out players and fans on March 12, 2011, you put the future of America’s game in jeopardy. As fans, we are now forced to endure an NFL offseason that has no player trades, no free agent signings, no minicamps and unless you lift the lockout, no training camp or games to watch in 2011.

On top of all of this, the lockout you imposed has put thousands of jobs at risk. If this lockout continues, stadium employees will be jobless, and sports bars, police officers, restaurants, hotels and various support staff who work to support this game will also be negatively affected. If a lockout were to reach one year in length, the loss per community would be approximately $160 million and the total economic loss could approach $5 billion across the 31 host communities.

As early as July, thousands of workers at training camp sites all over the country will be denied the opportunity to earn much needed income. In addition, hundreds of thousands of NFL fans will be unable to enjoy the training camp experience.

Prior to the owner-imposed lockout, two NFL fans hand delivered binders to representatives of the NFL at an owners-only meeting located outside of Washington, D.C. Each binder had a petition letter on the cover and included roughly 150,000 signatures from NFL fans demanding that players and fans not be locked out in 2011.

Unfortunately, the voice of NFL fans was ignored. Despite our request, you went ahead with your plans to lock out players and fans.

This time, we hope that you respect our request, do what is right and lift this lockout.


NFL Fans

94 Responses to “Lift the Lockout Letter to NFL Commissioner and Owners”

  1. Nickolas Fuchs Sr Says:

    I just wanted to also tell you, that this IS supposed to be a GAME, NOT about MONEY! What is wrong with this world? This sickens me deeply. I am currently a University of Phoenix student going to school to obtain my PhD in Healthcare Administration / Healthcare Management and to be honest, this is a SAD thing to see and hear about when so many count on this game to make their ends meet EACH and EVERY game, but instead you want to lock everyone out and say to hell with the little guys! What is up with that?

  2. Jose A. Perez Says:

    Get it done already! End this lockout!

  3. Sarah Bailey Says:


  4. Christian Hernandez Says:

    Let them play! NOW!!!

  5. Alex Says:


  6. colby shafer Says:

    Give the players what they want now. If you love the game then think with your hearts not your wallets

  7. Marcus Moore Says:

    The owner are not risking their lives to play the game, so pay the players.

  8. Heather Borges Says:

    Please lift the lockout so the fans can enjoy the game, and the NFL and it’s players and other employees can go to work!

  9. charles r bennett Says:

    Football in AMERICA is much more important than any $ amount, We as AMERICAN”S have gave up (a lot) in the past few years and NOW FOOTBALL? Just because the need (or want) for more of that almighty dollar in profits? Count how many owners there are and then count how many players there are! Seems fair the players should get the biggest chunk, Best keep in mind as much as I love the game and my team, NFL can be replaced by another sport!! Then who wins?? REMEMBER THE FANS WANT A SEASON THIS YEAR…When you really break it all down we as fans can make NFL or we can break NFL.. Charles R Bennett.

  10. Dylan Mayer Says:


  11. Eric Afflerbach Says:

    Lift the lockout

  12. Keisha Farrington Says:

    Dear Owners & Commissioner Goodell,

    Please, PLEASE lift the lockout. Things just wouldn’t be the same without football. SERIOUSLY!!!


  13. Lina muniz Says:

    We want football thank you

  14. Terry DeSalle Says:

    Please raise lock-out. Football is America’s game and America wants to watch FOOTBALL.

  15. Dave Spencer Says:

    With the state of the US economy being what it is right now, and as many people already out of jobs, I think the NFL owners are very selfish to take this kind of action to get more at a time when the average American has to do with significantly less. The lockout will mean the loss of even more jobs and income for cities, as well as a possible further burden on public assistance programs just because the rich want theirs no matter what. I find that appalling. Let the players play, wait until the economy can really bear to give more, and let Americans have something to enjoy while we can’t do many other things because we can’t afford it. Thank you.

  16. Debra A Bullock Says:

    Lift the Lockout, as a football fan, owner of Green Bay Packer Stock, and citizen of the USA concerned already of our country’s recession don’t risk the season, thousands are counting on these jobs, uphold honor and integrety over pride and money, and lift the lockout.

    Sincerely Debra A Bullock

  17. Cynthia Barringer Says:

    Lift the lockout and take care of your players. This is for their future as well as yours. Also, don’t screw the fans!

  18. Jeff smith Says:

    End the lockout. We want our game back. Let the players play.

  19. Henry Says:

    Lift the lockout!

  20. Andrea Lehman Says:

    Please don’t take out NFL away so manyfans and players its just not right….seriously people literally live for football.

  21. Chuck Ballenger Says:

    Come on NFL, settle this thing. Do you realize that there are lot of people that will be hurt by this? Take a look at a lot of people who are out of work. Stop the greed already.


  22. Dwight Craig Says:

    Lift the lock out, we need Football

  23. john donoghue Says:

    Are you ready for some football?

  24. Scott Pandolfo Says:

    When you as owners made the decision to impose the lockout, you made a conscious and greedy act to destroy America’s game. You as owners have not been fair, to the players or the fans. You take the players for granted, you take their insurance, you ask them to play more games and you ask them to take a pay cut. You have priced regular everyday people out the game and then you try and turn everything around on the players. If the lockout is not lifted and we the fans have to endure a season without our favorite game, we will not be back. I would like to encourage the players to negotiate, but stick to your guns. I know you as players want to play, and we as fans support you.

  25. Larry Says:

    I’m ready for some football and if you don’t play I’ll stop watching pro football for ever Know more NFL ticket I’ll watch other sports . Thanks

  26. kyle bruno Says:


    Lift the lockout, this is ridiculous.

  27. Lisa Birnbaum Says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous that you want the players to play 2 more regular season games, when the risk of injury is even higher! Perhaps, you owners need to play the sport!!!!!

  28. B.K. Flaherty Says:

    When the owners put their bodies on the line instead of their fat wallets, I’ll maybe respect their point of view, maybe. They’re rich enough and have already made more than they’ll ever need in 3 lifetimes. The players and their families deserve everything they’re asking for and more. The need for an insurance policy that lasts longer than 5 years and realistically addresses the realities that players face down the road is paramount. Go players!!!!

  29. michael swinvbank Says:

    to the owners and commissioner

    why are you depriving us the fans because of your greediness. let the players play. figure out the money, which is obviously your only reason for the sport of football, later..let us the fan have our football. we dont make millions of dollars off of players basically slaves like you do. we just love to watch our favorite team play..

  30. mary Says:

    My low income working in social services doesn’t grant me an opportunity to attend a live game but I’m a loyal BEARS fan, attend training camp and watch every single game on TV. Please don’t take away the one thing that makes me happy! My Chicago BEARS football! Please end this lockout!


  31. Dustin DeVengencie Says:

    Many of us want to see a full season of NFL football! Lift the Lockout and put everyone back to work!

  32. Kyle Says:

    Lets do this

  33. Lynn Johnson Says:

    Don’t make this recession worse by having more people out of work then we have now. Get this lockout cancelled and do what is right concerning pay and such so that we can have another avenue to help us relax when it feels like the world is crashing down on us. When we see our players on our favorite teams give it their all to win the game whether they win or not we have had about 2 – 3 hours of peace and relaxation that helps us to get refocused on the more important things in life and not “try to pull our hair out of heads” anymore.

    Stop this lockout and everybody get to work on the important things that keep this game going so smoothly every season and DO IT NNNOOOWWW (NOW)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Robin Menasco Says:

    First, I’m sick of the NFL commissioner acting like he is doing what is in the best interest of the fans and players. He flat out lies when he says the fans are the ones that want an 18 game regular season. This lie is twisted from the fans not wanting to pay full price for preseason games, not us demanding more regular season games. He has proven time and again that he is a mere puppet for the owners and that money is the only thing that drives his decisions. Think of all the records that would be meaningless and all the added injuries to the players. Second, the players deserve their fair share of the money, afterall it’s they who put their health at risk in both the short and long term to provide entertainment to the fans. His tough act in levying fines is merely to mitigate the NFL’s liabilty in lawsuits. If he was really concerned for player safety he would be asking for a reduction in the number of regular season games as well as taking care of the retired players who made the game what it is today. He’s like a typical politician that tries to convince people he’s doing the right thing through manipulating and misrepresenting the issue at hand. We all aren’t as stupid as you would like to believe commissioner!

  35. Russ Jackson Says:

    We need football now! Start from a 50/50 share and grow from that point. Just get it done, please.
    Still respectfully an NFL Fan
    Russ D Jackson

  36. Shameika M. Moore Says:

    Very simply…lift the lockout, let them play.

  37. John Says:

    Teachers are getting laid off nationwide and the NFL can’t figure out how to hoard 9 BILLION dollars in PROFIT?

    Do what’s right, lift the lock out.

  38. Annette Browne Says:

    I really wish that you owners would get it together. You lock out your employees and then you decide to post a pre-season schedule. If you don’t lift the lockout soon, you will only hurt yourself, your team, and really PISS OFF THE FANS!!!! LET THEM PLAY!!!!

  39. Dave Says:

    I really wish these guys get smart and realize how much of a loss this really is..

  40. Matthew Brown Says:

    The lockout affects more than just players and owners, but the thousands upon thousands of stadium workers and even local economies that thrive on the business provided by the population of stadium-goers that frequent their establishments. Do what’s best for everyone and reach a compromise to avoid that sort of problem, especially during an already rough economic period.

  41. Kelly Cope Says:

    Lift the lockout.

  42. Russell Says:

    The most important thing that could come from all of this is a mutual understanding, In life as well as business there must be compromise, I would never even get to watch the games if I did not compromise with my wife, so lets give a little to get a little and bring this to a conclusion after all we are all grownups and need to put so feeling in our pockets and get on with life and FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Tyler Nelson Says:

    I honestly think the owners are making the wrong financial decision. You underestimate the players and fans. We are bigger than you, get over yourself.

  44. Brittany Says:

    Let them play. Lift the lockout. Just because you dont play doesn’t mean they can’t!!!

  45. Helen Bailey Says:

    Locking out players does not benefit the owners in any way. And players who aren’t able to work out could face injuries that would not have happened otherwise.

    All the other workers affected by this lockout have no recourse. They end up being hurt whether the owners intend for that to happen or not. The owners aren’t the ones giving up income or livelihood.

  46. William Says:

    This isn’t right to the fans and you because you guys the owners are losing to because you won’t make money and lose fans that might not come back to watch so do what’s right for everyone.

  47. William Miletello Says:

    End this lockout so the real fans of the NFL can get back to watching football. I love my Saints and want to see them playing this year.

  48. Shaun Martinez Says:

    The NFL is ridiculous. Money concessions, 18 game schedule, it keeps getting worse. Be fair to the players that make you all this money! A good first step would be opening up your books. If I have to miss football because of the owners’ greed I’m gonna be pissed.

  49. Brian Key Says:

    You know if there’s a lockout you lose the fans then you have empty seats and don’t make the money you use to make. Lift the lockout don’t make the NFL like the NHL fighting to get fans back in the seats.

  50. Kimberly Ross Says:

    People must wake up to the fact that there is a concerted effort on the part of big business and the Republican party to destroy workers’ rights everyhwere. Just look at what has happened in state government with the attacks on public employees. And yes folks, NFL players are hard workers who have the right to be heard at the collective bargaining table. Greed and politics are working hard to destroy unions, one at a time. It all started with Ronald Reagan and the Air Traffic Controllers Union and just look at what has happened to that group of workers. They are literally falling asleep at the wheel/control tower and endangering the lives of innocent travelers. It may not be you today, but eventually the attack will get to you. Remember, an injustice to one anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!

  51. Grizzly Amador Says:


  52. Don J. Golofski Says:

    C’mon, man! Lift the lockout. It’s the right thing to do.
    Get back to the table and negotiate. If you don’t want to buy the talent, then don’t. Take the next guy in line you can afford. But, share the wealth.

  53. Laura Alcott Says:

    Please lift the lockout. Our local sports bars depend on NFL sunday as well as the local sporting goods stores. We attend games in Jacksonville and Tampa every year and we are there to see the players play not the owners. Remember that the players and their fans are what makes the NFL breath not the owners. Show them you appreciate the $ they have put in the pockets of you and your families by letting them play in 2011-2012!!

  54. Chip Selby Says:

    Dear Commissioner,
    We have been so impressed with your management of the NFL – up until now. The concerns of the players are legitimate and need to be addressed by you and the owners in a responsible manner. We join the voices asking that the lockout be lifted, and the players be allowed to play. Football has become America’s favorite sport. Surely you can find a middle ground that will satisfy the owners and protect the players at the same time.
    Sincerely, David and Chip Selby

  55. eric pollitt Says:

    End the lockout, but not at the expense of playing 18 regular season games. Never give into that but besides that issue compromise and work things out so there can be certainty for football next fall. NO matter what don’t play 18 regular season games.

  56. Justin Craddock Says:

    Let’s play some football!

    To the players:


    To the NFL:


  57. Joseph Perkins Says:

    Stop screwing around and put an end to this whole mess!

  58. Josh McCracken Says:

    We the fans need 2011 football. Baseball and basketball aren’t as fun to watch.

  59. Bobby Wahl Says:

    Please lift the lockout. Locking out the players was a childish move. The NFL Commissioners need to grow up and act there age and work on coming to an agreement with the players.

  60. jesse braley iv Says:

    we need our teams and u guys need money so agree and let them play don’t be selfish or cheap

  61. Luis Aguilar Says:

    I abaolutely support this letter and sign it.

  62. matt booher jr Says:

    End the lockout, gotta watch my chargers play! LA love !

  63. Grant Says:


  64. Michael Hewitt, Jr. Says:

    Play football!

  65. Mauricio Avendano Says:

    No to the lockout

  66. John J. Caussin Says:

    Enough is enough. This is absurd!

  67. Shaun Harris Says:

    Despite what some media may report, the real culprits here are the NFL Owners. The players have done nothing wrong — all they’ve done is to ask the owners to disclose their financial records and show proof that their (the owners)demand for money back from the players due to financial hardship is warranted. I support the players 100%. I’m just happy to see that the players finally have a strong advocate in DeMaurice Smith, et al., and that the players themselves are united. Players, please stay together on this because you’re on the side of RIGHT on this issue. Any true fan of football know the deal here and will stand with you. We definitely want to see football and see the players play, but we also want the players to be treated professionally and with respect for what they do for and give to the game of football. We’re with you players.

  68. Jaclyn Says:

    Football is what keeps me and my little boy sane during the fall and winter. Please life the lockout so we can enjoy the game!

  69. Thomas Says:

    The Lockout letter does not include a threat to the NFL. We should be signing a petition that says if the lockout disturbs the regular season, we as a collective fan base will boycott the remainder of the season. We will not watch games on TV, we will not attend games, and we will not give in. Boycotting a season went so well for the NHL…

  70. Dave Sheets Says:

    We can’t lose the greatest sport of all!!!

    It would be a damn shame.

    The players want to play & upper management ought to settle

    with the teams.

  71. Dan Robbins Says:

    People in the US have so many things they once treasured now a distant memory. Good jobs and the security which comes from them are now an almost non-existent memory to those who once made up the middle-class. But, the NFL has been the one consistent release and enjoyment many of us Americans could count on to fill that void. A strike for more money, even though I believe the owners are way out of line on this one, is not going to sit well with the many unemployed and underemployed in this once proud country. We, unfortunately, need a release more than ever, and without football this fall many will take out their aggressions, sadly, elsewhere.

  72. Jeremy Potter Says:

    This lock out is stupid and needs to stop. The NFL will lose more money than what is being discussed if the lock out happens. I don’t want my Packers to hold the tittle for two years in a row unless they can show that they deserve it, so lets have a 2011-2012 season! And GO PACK GO!

  73. Walter Biggica Says:

    I support the NFL players. They are incredible athletes and the physical strain on their bodys for the season takes its toll adding more games in my opinon is crazy.

  74. James C Says:

    Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Jim Wilson Says:


  76. Frank A. Schifano Says:

    My name is Frank Schifano; I am now a chemistry teacher and a proud member of the mighty Steeler nation. Even though you will probably ignore me as just one of many faces I say my piece anyway.

    The lockout helps no one and injures all, even yourselves. You’re doing this to be “right,” to win the “argument.” It is a base and childish thing you do. Before you dismiss me as not knowing your thoughts: If not playing football were in anyone’s interests, would you have spent the billions on the game you have? Of course not. Stop throwing your tantrum and let them play.

    On a personal note: I thank God for the Pittsburgh Steelers, without whom I would never have made it through the three-weeks-apart losses of my mother and the love of my life.

  77. Andrew DeCaro Says:

    Thank god The Lockout Is Lifted Good Job Judge Nelson We Will Hope To Have A 2011 NFL Season I Hope We Have One Cause I’m Looking Forward To Watching Sunday Night Football On NBC On Sept 8 New Orleans Vs Green Bay Is The Game That Everybody Wants To Watch Hopefully And I’m Looking To Bears Vs Packers On Christmas Night Hopefully Instead Of 97.1 BOB FM’s A To Z BOB FM Has Destoryed The Offseason And That’s Why I Am Not Watching Sports For The Rest Of The Season Becuase Of The Lockout But I’m Sure There Will Be A NFL And NBA Season This Coming Fall But If They Both Can’t Agree To CBA In June Or July There Will Be More Carppy Stupid 97.1 BOB FM And No More Sports Forever Let’s Hope There Is A Season And Not BOB FM

  78. Ralph Miranda Says:

    It is time to do the right thing and end this mess. You have 30 days to reach a one year agreement and let the lawsuits play themselves out. If you have to sign 5 one-year agreements before a long term deal is reached so be it. Both sides are stubborn and selfish. It is hard for the average fan to wrap their minds around the concept of grown men arguing over 9 BILLION DOLLARS. In 1989 when the NFLPA decertifed Upshaw and Tagliabue had the sense to work it our one year at a time until it was solved. Take a lesson and stand up and make history!

  79. Robert Knight Says:

    Hello my fellow NFL fans, Love the work you’re doing here. I have started a petion of my own. Lets combine forces and boycott NFL tickets and merchandise. Here is the link to my petition…

    Thanks for your support,

    I Am The 12th Man!

  80. Justin Says:

    I don’t think that the owners are taking into consideration the future of their respective franchises. If there’s a lockout in 2011, consider football fans across the nation to act accordingly in the seasons following. You think fans in 2012, 2013, 2014, etc. will attend games if there’s no football in 2011? Think again.
    Fans are more loyal to the sport than you think.

    Good luck with your decision, owners.

  81. Linda K. Says:

    We showed Goodell what we think of his heavy-handed tactics at the draft, but he obviously doesn’t care. I’m tired of hearing him say how the litigation is the problem when the litigation is in response to the lockout. Aren’t the owners in violation of the antitrust laws by colluding in a lockout? I’m not a lawyer, but it seems that the owners are on very shaky legal ground.

  82. Andrew DeCaro Says:

    The Lockout Will last Forever And ever Because There Is No End In Sight That Make’s Me Mad As Hell But I Hope There’s A CBA labor Deal Done By July So That We can Watch football Again But If The Season Is Cancelled More Junky Crappy 97.1 BOB FM And NFL Football And NBA Basketball Because Stadium’s And Arena’s In The NFL And NBA Could Be Empty This Fall And I Will Have Nothing To Watch But Listen To 97.1 BOB FM

  83. Rob T Says:

    I think it is sad that both owners and players are being so selfish. We the fans are the ones that are paying to go to these games and have the true dedication to the sport. When big sums of money are being tossed around and both sides still want more, makes me not want to SUPPORT the NFL. My four year old nephew loves football and this lockout could ruin him life. Dont be greedy, cause when the lockout ends fans should go on a strike then maybe they would understand who pays their checks. SO SAD.

  84. eduardo rodriguez Says:

    end the lock out we need n love football my life depends on it one game without football would be hell please end the lock out money aint everything but the root to all evil whatewver happend to pride and love for the game the fans love yall and we need football please end the lock out life is suffering without knowing whats going on in the teams lockerrooms and training and all dat good stuff plz bring back football :( forget the money do it to make us fans happy and yall would feel how loved yall people are yall are very special people owners and players plz end the lockout its like taking a newborn baby away from a loving mother ;( deal with the money in yall own time but lets make sure we have football our lives depend on it thanx

  85. eduardo rodriguez Says:

    :( we want ffotball and freeagency

  86. Jerry West Says:

    The only thing that will work with the NFL ownership is a serious boycott that is strong enough to hit them in their pocketbooks. They have been getting in to our pockets for decades, requiring us to pay full price to see some practice games in exchange for the privilege of buying their season tickets. They’ve been treating us like fools too long!! Get mad! Hit ‘em where it hurts.

  87. Jeremiah Says:

    NFL owners need to get back to reality and quit being greedy. Many jobs would be affected just so you could have money. If you were actually passionate about the game of football, you wouldn’t do this to the players, the fans, and the many peoples jobs’ who rely on the NFL. There are some people out there in the world who struggle to get food on the table and you greedy billionare’s are asking for MORE MONEY??? Seriously? Lift the lockout or let down the world, NFL Owners, It’s your choice

  88. Gina Says:

    All wars in the world are caused by one thing: The fact that one country believes they are right over the other.

    This same fact is true in this NFL dispute! Why can’t we all just get along? Make concessions, compomise, GET IT DONE!

    Both sides need to make a list. Will give…Won’t give..and Maybe. Obviously start with the “Will give” list. Start the trading and bartering from here. Respect each others “Won’t give” list. Who knows…as the talks proceed the “won’t give” list may change! And that’s ok, and logical! Then move to the “Maybe” list. If you haven’t settled by then. The wrong thing to do is start by talking about what you “won’t give”…that’s how you messed it up! You can’t get far when you start at a stopping point!

    You were so close before…I find it hard to believe that a few meetings can’t settle this now! I do know that if you cancel this years season that you will be so far apart it may take years to fix. Then it won’t be a few million…it will be billions lost!

  89. John Wright Says:

    I realize both sides have issues that are valid and this is a highly emotional topic. But I believe this article brings a murkey point into specific relief. At the end of the day a work stopage is going to hit the fans the hardest. After all these are people that spend a considerable portion of their disposable income on FOOTBALL. If they are like me they live and die for the game and if it were not for the millions of fans that paid to get into the games, went tot he local sports bar or subscribed to direct tv to watch their favorite team most of the salary and owner profit that is fueling this fire would not be an issue. Speaking for myself, who is a die-hard eagles fan and never misses a game…if there is a work stopage it is going to send one message to me and that is that no one cares about what we as fans live for 6 months out of the year. So you know what? If you the players and owners don’t care about me then miss one game and there will be at least one fan that will boycott the 2011-2012 season to prove his point. Oh and I will try and convince as many other people as possible to post comments, write blogs, call into to drive time sports radio and anything else possible all aiming at the same goal…you don’t care about us…well lets see what the salary and profit issues are when we stop caring about your, for at least one season. Imagine playing in front of an empty stadium, or having TV ratings drop faster than Golf after the Tiger melt down. Just saying…work it out.

  90. John Wright Says:

    Seriously, as much as we love the game would it be the end of the world if we had to give it up? Perhaps it is time to stop beggin the owners and players to get this done. Maybe we as fans need to step up and just say if you are not going to be there for us them we are not going to be there for you. I am sick and tired of hearing about how the two sides cannot come together. Either you do or you don’t and if it is the later no one will be more dissapointed than me. But at the end of the day it is just a game. Maybe I can find something else to do or watch if there is a void in football. Maybe I will even get used to…no football. If that is the case and there are thousands or perhaps millions that feel the same, will they even care as much? Maybe this will result in putting the NFL on par with MLB…if there is a game on TV maybe I will watch it, but I won’t go ut of my way. Everyone is talking about the impact economic impact surrounding the NFL. perhaps the player s and owners need to start thinking about the potential economic downside to them personally. Then it might be a little easier to negotiate in good faith.

  91. Dennis Nellessen Says:

    I think this whole situation is messed up, forget all of it. Both the players and the owners should get cuts in their pay and that extra money that is made should go into school, hospitals, and other things our country needs to help our economy. Billionaires and Millionaires crying because they won’t get more money it makes me sick.

  92. Aaron Says:

    Please Mr Roger Goodell get rid of this lockout already. Give the nfl players what they want already. I don’t think us NFL fans will be able to live without football.

  93. Marty Says:

    Really? Can’t we all just get along and come to an agreement? The players are the NFL’s bread and butter… without these gifted atheletes, there would be no football at all!

    I’ve been in the US Marines for about 22 years now, and I’m currently stationed overseas at this time. Football is something that I look up to and enjoy on a regular basis to help me keep my sanity and stay motivated through all of the tough times us military folks have to endure… it’s another thing we fight for to keep world peace and “the American way”.

    God bless America!!!

    Semper Fi,
    Motivated MSgt/USMC

  94. Andrew DeCaro Says:

    This Is A Good Day To Be A NFL Fan I’m Ready For Some Football Are You The NFL Lockout Is Now Over Yes The NFL Regular Season Will Start On Thursday September 8 2011 With The Saints Vs Packers In Green Bay WI Cause I’m Going To Have A Papa John’s Pizza That Night And We Well Help Celebrate The Return Of The NFL The Regular Season Will End On Sunday January 1 2012 The Pro Bowl Will Be On Sunday January 29 2012 In Hawaii I’m Looking Forward To That And There Will Be Super Bowl XLVI On Feb 5 2012 On NBC Cause I’m Lokking Forward To It So Now Hit The Road BOB FM Cause Now I Got The NFL Ready To Go And Guess What Now The Only Lockout I Can Worry About Now Is The NBA Lockout Which I’m Also Hoping For An NBA Season As Well Were Ready To Go Enjoy

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