The Conspiracy File Is Still Open

March 18th, 2011

In an NFL document called “Why Now? NFL Perspective,” the document looks at how the league planned its approach based on financial, labor and media strategy components. This document, along with others, reflects the NFL’s plan to obtain lockout insurance.

In one part of the document, labeled “Labor,” the document states: “Current structure of broadcast contracts prevent NFL from collecting payments if work stoppage in 2011 … no deal in 2012 for ‘rebate.’”

Under one part of the document labeled “Financial,” it reads: “Revenue certainty given macro-economic and labor uncertainty.” It also states: “Provides time for overall economy and television industry to improve.”

Under a part called “Media Strategy,” the document reads: “More deals synched to end in 2013 creates greater flexibility to restructure packages next round.”

Below is a copy of one document that reflects the NFL’s plan to obtain lockout insurance made available via the discovery process (redacted portions have been blacked out.) More documents have been posted on each morning this week.

(Excerpt on Redacted NFLPA Objection Brief: “In a nutshell, Defendant’s contention … is that their desire to gain greater leverage over (and harm) the Players through the acquisition of a $4B war chest was a more ‘important business purpose’ than maximizing Total Revenues for the benefit of the Players in 2009 and 2010, and therefore this purely self-interested objective justified Defendants’ decision not to fulfill their ‘best efforts’ or ‘good faith’ SSA obligations.”)

Here is a copy of the NFL’s “Decision Tree,” which indicates the league’s intent to use the TV contracts as “lockout insurance,” made available via the discovery process:


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