What Happens in the Owners’ Lockout?

March 21st, 2011

When the owners locked out the players on March 12, 2011, they put the future of America’s game in jeopardy. 

While some are focused on how this will impact the kick off of the 2011 season, what they don’t see is that effects are already being felt. 

Below are just a few of the things that have happened and will happen because the owners decided to shut down the NFL. 

  • For fans – off the field
    • Fans must pay for season tickets even with the season in jeopardy (rules differ by team)
    • No “Hard Knocks” on HBO during the offseason
    • No fantasy football—a $5 billion industry
    • No Sunday tradition of spending hours during fall and winter watching NFL games
  • For NFL city communities
    • Team cities stand to lose $160 million and 150,000 jobs
    • Stadium workers (concessions, parking, security, etc.) lose 10 or more paychecks a year
    • Media who cover games (reporters, television, photographers) lose work opportunities
    • Restaurants/bars lose revenue on game day
  • For player movement and contracts
    • No free agency
    • No new player contracts
    • No conversations with other clubs about trades
    • Draft picks cannot sign contracts with the clubs that drafted them
  • For player and agent rights/benefits
    • No competition permitted for player services
    • No payments to players due under contracts for the 2011 season
    • Players and agents cannot talk to coaches, team PR, team doctors, etc.
    • Players and agents cannot be on team property/stadiums
    • Players cannot participate in any team-related activities
    • All players lose their previously-funded health insurance plans
    • No Rookie Symposium
  • For NFL team personnel
    • Coaching staffs face pay cuts
    • NFL office staff face furloughs or pay cuts
    • NFL Network/Films and online staff face pay cuts

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