Top 20 Player Quotes from NFLPA Board of Directors Meeting

March 23rd, 2011

Player Unity

“And the most important thing at the end of the day is that we stay together as one in relaying the information to the rest of the guys.” –Takeo Spikes

“I think we’re stronger than ever. The biggest thing we talked about was trying to find ways to getting back to playing football.” –Tony Richardson

“We’re working to educate guys about what’s taken place, about the injunction process and how important it is to stay together.”-Domonique Foxworth

“The reality is we’ve been communicating to our men throughout this whole process about what the offers really are, what the numbers really are, things that we have tried to agree upon that have not been agreed upon and as a group of men we knew it wasn’t a deal that our membership would accept.”-Jeff Saturday

Let Us Play

“The players want to play, we’re not striking. We decertified because we want to get back to playing football.” –Tony Richardson

Roger Goodell’s letter to the players

“It’s his attempt to divide us as a group of men.  Anytime you send something out like that after we’ve been in negotiations for two-years plus a 15-day extension — all the things we’ve been through — it’s just one of those tactics different people use during the negotiations.”- Jeff Saturday

“That was done to try to divide the players, but it didn’t work. (Player Directors have) been elected to lead (the players), and we’re stronger than ever before.”-DeMeco Ryans

Insurance/Health Benefits

“The biggest concern right now is that we have some young players who don’t have insurance and who have to pay COBRA and who may not have the ability to pay COBRA over a long term,” NFLPA president Kevin Mawae said Thursday at the organization’s annual meetings. “Is it a ton of players? No. But is it concern enough for us? Absolutely.-Kevin Mawae

“They (former players) built this game.  Since I’ve been a part of this, the motto has been that we’re all one team. That doesn’t mean the players playing now or the players who will play this game; that’s everybody who’s ever played in the NFL.”-Eric Winston


“Decertification was our way of ensuring that we had football.  So we really did it for the game. We appreciate all your support, all your love for the game and we’ll do everything we can to get all this figured out.” -Tyson Clabo

The Owners

“We’re not trying to villainize the owners, we understand they have a fiduciary responsibility to make revenue for the game. We share in that . . . [But] their entire argument is flawed and unsupported and unpersuasive. They see how much money they’re going to make down the road. … (Cowboys owner) Jerry Jones sat across from us and said he’s a perpetual optimist. Dang right he is. Because he understands that the league is more profitable now than ever, and the amount of money that they’re able to make down the road is something, I personally believe, they don’t want to share with players.”- Sean Morey

“We don’t want to negotiate (discuss a settlement) with Bob Batterman, Jeff Pash or Roger Goodell. Our executive committee needs to negotiate (discuss a settlement) with Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft, Jerry Richardson — their executive committee. People that are willing and can agree to a deal. Jeff Pash can’t agree to a deal.”-Mike Vrabel

Preparations for the lockout

“As far as preparing for the lockout, players don’t get paid between this time of year and August, anyway. So they should already be in that mode, because that’s what the offseason has always been for them. As far as what happens when the regular season kicks in and there’s a lockout then? Then guys are going to start missing checks. But our players have known for the last two years that they’ve been asked to start saving money, cut down on the lifestyle and be ready for the worst-case scenario. And we believe that the majority of our players are.”-Kevin Mawae

Long Term CBA

“A 10-year, fair deal might be something worth considering. A 10-year deal where the players don’t participate in any of the upside is not a deal that I think is … something that the players should have taken.” –Pete Kendall

18 games

“Eighteen games does nothing for our health and safety.  We’re not looking to make any financial gains, we’re looking to protect former players and make protections and safety improvements for current players.”  -Domonique Foxworth

“No. We’ll negotiate (discuss a settlement) on the economics of football.  We’re not negotiating on health and safety. And as far as we’re concerned 18 games lies right in the way of our players’ health and safety.”- Mike Vrabel

The NFL Draft

“We have not boycotted. We have not said you can’t go, but we do want them to seriously consider the idea that the man that you are going to shake hands with on the day you get drafted is the man that is going to prevent you from making a living. It sounds like the pressure is more informal than formal, but it’s certainly pressure nonetheless. Players like Cam Newton are going to have an awkward choice to make.”-Kevin Mawae

Finances and Future Discussions

 “We’ve expressed that we’re ready to begin (settlement) talks as soon as they’re ready.”-Domonique Foxworth

“When you’re getting into a media battle with the opposing side, the biggest thing is, the truth prevails. We’d rather be calculated and put the facts out. . . . We’re not going to go beyond that.”- Max Starks

“Let’s make no mistake, it will be pressure on both sides. We’re not the only ones that have bills to pay. We play in a new stadium, we know what the electric bill is. There’s pressure on both sides.”- Bradie James

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