Details on 2011 NFLPA Rookie Debut

March 28th, 2011

The 2011 NFLPA Rookie Debut kicks off Thursday, April 28. Activities for the three-day event will not conflict with the evening broadcasts of the NFL Draft on April 28-29.

The 2011 NFLPA Rookie Debut and “One Team” Celebration is designed to welcome incoming rookies and their families to the NFLPA family, and enable relationships to form between current and former players, NFLPA and NFLPI staff and select corporate partners. The entire weekend is a celebration of legacy—of past, present and future pro football players making the journey from prospect to professional. Players will have the opportunity to learn about life in the NFL from their colleagues and prospective teammates, along with valuable insight from the Professional Football Players Mothers and Fathers Associations.

Along with a variety of public events and media engagements, players will have the opportunity to participate in the NFLPA’s community outreach program called “Let Us Play,” which encourages players, parents, teachers and volunteers to help kids lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. The weekend culminates with Saturday evening’s main event in New York City, which brings together current players, former players and Hall of Famers to celebrate the game of pro football and welcome its newest members. Activities will include a variety of entertainment, interviews, performances and a host of player-fan interaction. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

4:00 PM                      Private Reception

Friday, April 29, 2011

9:30 AM                      Public Appearances (Media, etc.)

11:00 AM                    Lunch with Corporate Sponsors

Afternoon                    Public Appearances (Media, etc)

Late Afternoon           Afternoon Social Engagement

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Morning                       Fitness & Skills Clinic (Harlem, N.Y.)

Afternoon                     Player-Fan Connection/Engagement Activity – TBD

7:00 PM +                    2011 NFLPA Rookie Debut & “One Team” Celebration

                                      Players, draftees, sponsors, VIPs and family members invited

Check out more details on the NFLPA’s draft-related events here.

4 Responses to “Details on 2011 NFLPA Rookie Debut”

  1. Bernie Says:

    The Hollywood Reporter posted an article on the NFL lockout with a very misleading headline. I think someone needs to write to them and demand a correction.

    Nets Line Up Shows Ahead of Possible NFL Strike

  2. Brian Says:

    Will this also be televised? We as fans also need an option on draft weekend.

  3. Zo Says:

    Are all rookies and family invited? Also, will there be additional info about the event?

  4. curtis Says:

    It’s unfortunate that the players have decided to do this. The public opinion has been decidedly towards the owners,wrongly I might add, and decisions like this just help cement fans views which will hurt the players in the long run. The players need to start taking the high road and make the owners look petty,the vetting of the TV contracts was good. Pressuring incoming rookies to miss the moment and instead be part of an asterisk is wrong.

    Also the NFL fanatic is going to watch the NFL draft live and when there favorite team is picking in the top 10 and they don’t get the live give and take with said pick, they will resent the players for this not the owners.

    Now the activities planned sound very entertaining and could enhance the NFL draft weekend and drafts to come if it is a permanent celebration. However the players association should encourage potential draft pick to sit in Radio Hall and then hit the celebration. Much better PR for the union.

    idk just my opinion

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