Impact in Your Backyard

March 29th, 2011

In a feature published in the March 14 issue of Sports Illustrated, the magazine takes a look at some important dollar figures that form what it calls “The Gross Football Product.” The information below can be found on “The Scorecard” (page 17 of the magazine.)

Players are still looking for justification for this owner-imposed lockout. The NFL won’t open its books. According to SI, these are some key figures and their explanations that point to the impact felt by a lockout, as published by the magazine:

  • $20-21 Million—Local economic activity generated by a single NFL game. Over eight games (excluding preseason and playoffs), that’s $160 million per year per market and $5.1 billion total earned by peripheral businesses.
  • 100,000—Number of stadium workers who are affected negatively by a lockout
  • $6.972 Billion—Money paid by the public toward the $13.146 billion total construction costs of NFL stadiums built since 1990, an average of $250 million per venue.

One Response to “Impact in Your Backyard”

  1. Bubba Says:

    EXACTLY, if owners can’t make it on the money they make, then the sport should END. It is time the NFL disband and go to a system where, like the Browns, the localities own the team, they have invested in the fields and venues where the teams play, and to have owners think that they own those venues is simply overbearing on their part. the minimum that should happen is those locality’s and states should send a bill to the teams for the 6.972 Billion lost in revenue, effectively putting the teams in their hands by default.

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