Net Worth of Owners

March 30th, 2011

In a feature published in the March 14 issue of Sports Illustrated, the magazine takes a look at some important dollar figures that form what it calls “The Gross Football Product.” The information below can be found on “The Scorecard” (page 17 of the magazine.)

The average net worth for the NFL’s 32 private majority owners is $1.4 billion. (The Packers are not included due to public ownership.) According to SI, the rankings below, compiled by leading wealth intelligence firm Wealth-X, list the six richest owners, based on assets from all sources:

Owner, Team                                                              Net Worth

1)      Paul Allen, Seahawks                                      $12.9B

2)      Stephen M. Ross, Dolphins                            $3.3B

3)      Malcolm Glazer, Buccaneers                          $2.4B

4)      Stan Kroenke, Rams                                        $2.2B

5)      Jerry Jones, Cowboys                                      $1.9B

6)      Arthur M. Blank, Falcons                                  $1.45B

3 Responses to “Net Worth of Owners”

  1. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Malcolm Glazer, Buccaneers $2.4B

    I can tell you right now that thiat number is not correct.

    Manchester United is said to be worth $2 Billion alone, and hte Bucs are worth over $900 million. So without even adding in their other substantial holdings, they are worth over $2.9 Billion.

    But the real question is why does it matter? Their total worth does not apply to the lockout. Only the income of the Buccaneers does, and that is far, far below the stated amount.

    You cannot say, for instance, that because the Bucs are worth $900 Million, the Glazers should give a portion of that to the players. The players are only entitled, by contract, to a portion of the current annual income.

  2. Rich Maletto Says:

    Mr Dutcher,

    I think you are missing the point int eh relevance of the owners net worth. Most of the uneducated fans are griping about the million dollar babies whining about the revenue sharing. This merely points out the really the owners are the billion dollar babies whining.

    And you are right the lockout is about the annual income and how it’s shared. The point is, release the real info and show what you really need out of the shared revenue. The players are the putting it on the line for the owners to reap the benefits, the owners should get what is rightfully theirs, but are they more deserving than the players?

    Once again another uneducated fan trying to stick up for the owners when they really don’t know what’s going. The money that was spent buying the team is the onwers (or really owner’s group), and their money solely. This lockout is all about the anual revenue the onwers supposedly need, your arguement doesn’t seem to help the owners cause, so really the net value of the folks who really need the money supposedly is more than what is listed above….

  3. NFL lockout: Who’s right, the players or the owners? Poll | Entertainment Cleveland Says:

    [...] sports. For most of us, the Megamillions jackpot is our only hope at earning that kind of money. The average net worth of an NFL owner is $1.4 billion. Of course, there are some poor blokes — you have to wonder how Pittsburgh’s Dan Rooney [...]

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