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Lockout Lifted, Football Operations Can Resume

April 28th, 2011





Last night, Judge Nelson issued a 20 page decision denying the NFL’s request to stay (delay) the injunction she issued on Monday in the Brady v. NFL litigation that the NFL must stop the lockout.  The decision denying the stay is once again very strong, and rejected all of the NFL’s arguments.  Accordingly, the order ending the lockout is in full, immediate force.

The NFL has filed for an emergency stay with the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, while the Eighth Circuit considers the NFL’s stay request. Unless and until such a request is granted, however, we believe the 2011 League Year now has to begin; the Clubs must open their facilities to allow players to work out, meet with coaches and otherwise perform their jobs; and the NFL and the Clubs cannot collectively continue to refuse to deal with players.  It is our view that the NFL and the Clubs will be in contempt of court if they do not comply with the order unless and until they hear differently from the Eighth Circuit.  We will let you know later today what the NFL is going to do to comply with this order, and what the specific schedule will be going forward.

Washington Post: NFL Owners Are Wrong And Don’t Get It

April 27th, 2011

In Wednesday’s Washington Post, sports columnist Sally Jenkins writes that NFL owners simply “don’t get it.” Jenkins points out that it was the owners who “picked a financial fight with their players” and calls out the owners for having “no right to lock out the players.”

Further, Jenkins writes that “arrogance” displayed by owners in recent weeks and months, coupled with their repeat violations of antitrust law, have created a self-belief that they simply could not lose in the court system.

That sense, according to Jenkins, became clearly false after Monday’s ruling by Judge Susan Richard Nelson.

Jenkins equates actions by owners to opening Pandora’s Box–and they weren’t prepared for what came out of it. She again suggests owners would be wise to treat players “as what they are, essential partners without whom there would be no game on the field.”

 Read Jenkins’ full column in The Washington Post here.

Players Return to Work, Sort Of…

April 27th, 2011

After the NFL Lockout was lifted Monday night, players attempted to return to their teams facilities on Tuesday only to be met with unusual circumstances. Although treated with respect as they returned to their workplaces, the players were met with a letter that prevented them from working out or receiving treatment. Here’s a recap of Twitter activity outlining some of the instances the players experienced:!/JGWhiteAP/status/62916289051623426!/Chester_Pitts/status/63027193940426752!/MileHighReport/statuses/62914324695482368!/usatoday_nfl/status/62910859244085249!/MaryKayCabot/status/62898602632155137!/realfreemancbs/status/62888164741746689!/bomani_jones/statuses/62874632281260032!/sbnationdc/status/62869964553601024

DeMaurice Smith on NFL Live

April 26th, 2011

Check out NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith’s comments on ESPN’s NFL Live here:


April 25th, 2011

Re: Brady, et al. v. NFL

We are class counsel along with Dewey LeBoeuf on behalf of the 10 named plaintiffs in the Brady lawsuit as well as the 1800 members of the soon to be Brady class. We are pleased with the ruling granting the plaintiffs preliminary injunction to lift the NFL owners’ illegal lockout issued this afternoon by Judge Susan Richard Nelson. We believe that this 89-page well-reasoned decision is totally consistent with prior precedent, governing caselaw as well as administrative rulings on all the issues raised by the NFL Defendants. We are confident that this ruling will withstand any appeals.

De Smith, co-class counsel and Executive Director of the NFLPA said; “I’m happy for our players and for our fans. Today, those who love football are the winners.”

In addition, plaintiff Osi Umenyiora stated: “Today’s ruling is a win for the players and for the fans that want to see a full NFL season in 2011. The lockout is bad for everyone and players will continue to fight it. We hope that this will bring us one step closer to playing the game we love.”

- James  W. Quinn, Class Counsel

Brady, et al. v. NFL Preliminary Injunction Order

April 25th, 2011

Read in full the ruling from United States District Judge Susan Richard Nelson here.


Tweetup NYC: Rookie Debut and Draft Edition including Mark Ingram and Tony Richardson

April 25th, 2011

Draft week is here! For all of the NYC NFL fans, the NFLPA is hosting a Tweetup tomorrow night. Followers of @NFLLockout, @NFLPA, @DeSmithNFLPA, @GeorgeAtallah and @Mark_Ingram22 (and frankly, anyone who wants to come) will be gathering to talk football, the draft, and whatever else. See you there!

Here’s the full details:

What: NFLPA Rookie Debut Tweetup
Where: New York City, NY – 40/40 Club, 6 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10010
Who: NFL Draft RB prospect Mark Ingram, NYJ Fullback Tony Richardson & NFLPA’s George Atallah
Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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