April 25th, 2011

Re: Brady, et al. v. NFL

We are class counsel along with Dewey LeBoeuf on behalf of the 10 named plaintiffs in the Brady lawsuit as well as the 1800 members of the soon to be Brady class. We are pleased with the ruling granting the plaintiffs preliminary injunction to lift the NFL owners’ illegal lockout issued this afternoon by Judge Susan Richard Nelson. We believe that this 89-page well-reasoned decision is totally consistent with prior precedent, governing caselaw as well as administrative rulings on all the issues raised by the NFL Defendants. We are confident that this ruling will withstand any appeals.

De Smith, co-class counsel and Executive Director of the NFLPA said; “I’m happy for our players and for our fans. Today, those who love football are the winners.”

In addition, plaintiff Osi Umenyiora stated: “Today’s ruling is a win for the players and for the fans that want to see a full NFL season in 2011. The lockout is bad for everyone and players will continue to fight it. We hope that this will bring us one step closer to playing the game we love.”

- James  W. Quinn, Class Counsel


  1. Cindy Says:

    Thank you! Awesome news!

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Very good news.

    But the owners are going to be granted a stay. I hope things are resolved in record time.

  3. Benoit Thibault Says:

    Hum, hello, I know my comment may look absurd, but why does NFL players need the NFL? Owners can’t replace the 1000 best football players.. Can the 1000 best players replace owners, maybe… A professionnal league owns by its players association? Yeah, they would have to find stadium and administration, but they probably got 1 entire year to solve these problems… I’m not in good position to say that is possible, there must be thousands of other problems I don’t know about, like rights the NFL owners have to organise such a league? Stadiums might be a big problem, I guess most of them are owned by team owners… I don’t think they would be happy with the creation of a new league.. lol That new league would be sort of a cooperative.

  4. JIm robinsom Says:

    I hope you are forced to do what everyone else with a highschool education has to do right now and work for minimum wage.

  5. David Says:

    The ruling is a win for the players, a setback for the owners and a devastating blow to the fans. Their will be a 2011 season. The players will continue to benefit from escalating salaries. The owners will protect their profits. The big losers are the fans. We will have to pay higher ticket prices, parking fees and concession costs. Fans that do not attend games will pay as well. Advertisers will have to pay higher fees for commercials that will be past onto the fans as consumers of their products. This labor dispute is only about the player getting more money.

  6. Tiffany Says:

    The lift of the lockout was a success yet the NFL is still playing games by filing appeals….then how long will that take. Lets get our men back in the game and support our teams.

  7. Bill Says:

    who cares. the judge was wrong and extremely biased towards the players, which is why they picked this court room to file anyway.

  8. Beck Svendsen Says:

    This lockout better end because it is ruining the players rights and if there is no NFL, there won’t be as much entertainment, if we don’t have any intertainment, life is gonna be boring. it better be bye bye lockout or else.

  9. Beck Svendsen Says:

    I have a good question. What does granted a sty mean?

  10. Andrew Says:

    The owners are like fat kids that want the big peace of cake. while the players who make the NFL what it is get the leftovers..I say everyone gets a pay cut. And they focus on Making sure the NFL stays an active sport for years to come.

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