DeMaurice Smith on NFL Live

April 26th, 2011

Check out NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith’s comments on ESPN’s NFL Live here:

2 Responses to “DeMaurice Smith on NFL Live”

  1. Tony Parolisi Says:

    I am retired now and i would like to suggest to all the NFL Players who are being deprived of employment by the owners.I worked for a company in Massachusetts who locked us out of our jobs due to disagreements with our union and by the company doing this our union took them to court and they were ordered by the courts to pay us unemployment benefits, maybe the courts would do the same for all players this is just a concerned thought because i know that all players do not have the mega contracts i am sure someone has to be hurting financially.As i mentioned earlier
    this is just a concerned thought.I wish all the union players GOOD LUCK.

    Tony Parolsi

  2. steve spiker Says:

    how many owners will be limping and all broken down in their later years.the ones who put their bodies on the line are the sad the owners can’t be happy with a fair many little people will be hurt because the extra income they depend on won’t be there.nobody is going to boycot watching football.but we can put the heat on television and thereby the owners if there isn’t a contract by may 25 i invite all of you to join me i pledge not to buy anything advertised during a football game for the next 5 years.luckily there are plenty of good products to turn to.please join me. get the word out. big business and greed don’t always have to win.if advertisers know they will lose loyal customers by advertising during games perhaps they will spend their money elsewhere.

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