Washington Post: NFL Owners Are Wrong And Don’t Get It

April 27th, 2011

In Wednesday’s Washington Post, sports columnist Sally Jenkins writes that NFL owners simply “don’t get it.” Jenkins points out that it was the owners who “picked a financial fight with their players” and calls out the owners for having “no right to lock out the players.”

Further, Jenkins writes that “arrogance” displayed by owners in recent weeks and months, coupled with their repeat violations of antitrust law, have created a self-belief that they simply could not lose in the court system.

That sense, according to Jenkins, became clearly false after Monday’s ruling by Judge Susan Richard Nelson.

Jenkins equates actions by owners to opening Pandora’s Box–and they weren’t prepared for what came out of it. She again suggests owners would be wise to treat players “as what they are, essential partners without whom there would be no game on the field.”

 Read Jenkins’ full column in The Washington Post here.

2 Responses to “Washington Post: NFL Owners Are Wrong And Don’t Get It”

  1. tim Says:

    they r stupid stop cheating the players and let them play!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steven Crosio Says:

    Hope that this NFL lockout finally draws to a close and soon!

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