Other Athletes Support NFL Players

May 4th, 2011

Players side with other players in the NFL labor dispute.

In each week’s Sports Illustrated, “The Pop Culture Grid” (page 14) takes a look at how athletes respond to quick-hitting, pick-one questions related to sports news, pop culture and more topics.

In this week’s edition of the magazine, one of the five categories to which four athletes respond between two choices is: “NFL owners vs. NFLPA.” Below are the athletes’ answers:

Charlie Davies, United F (MLS): “I always have to side with the players.”

Kyle Korver, Bulls G (NBA): NFLPA

Ryan Roberts, Diamondbacks 3B (MLB): NFLPA

Marco Andretti, IndyCar driver: NFLPA

All four athletes—plus three more whose answers SI didn’t have room for—side with the players in the NFL labor dispute. The excerpt runs adjacent to a photo from the 2010 season of Peyton Manning and his Indianapolis Colts teammates pointing their index fingers up in a show of solidarity as “One Team.”

Check out “The Pop Culture Grid” here.

One Response to “Other Athletes Support NFL Players”

  1. Dan Rakow Says:

    College Football is My next to favorite after the NFL and Please I like to hear from a Current College Football player that is supporting NFLPA.

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