Colts Blogger Gets Both Sides of the Story

May 12th, 2011

This week, a fan/blogger covering the Indianapolis Colts named Nate Dunlevy had the unique opportunity to speak with executives with the NFL and the NFLPA. He spoke by phone with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs George Atallah in separate calls on different days.

In a new post on his site Thursday, Dunlevy recaps his on-the-record interview with the NFLPA spokesman. The two discussed myriad issues, ranging from the lockout insurance/TV contracts case, how the NFL’s lockout came about, the league’s incessant refusal to show audited financial statements and many more topics.

Dunlevy writes, “Ultimately, if the league solves its revenue sharing process, it will be better able to negotiate with the players. However, at present the NFL owners’ failure to disclose financials seems to have more to do with shielding the data from one another than it does a desire to stall negotiations.”

He goes on to add: “The lockout rests firmly in the hands of the owners. They can put an end to this any time they choose.”

Check out the full summary of the conversation between Atallah and Dunlevy on Dunlevy’s site,

3 Responses to “Colts Blogger Gets Both Sides of the Story”

  1. Paul Price Says:

    Sent today……..

    Mr. Goodell and Team,

    My wife and I need to make a very hard decision this week. That decision is to renew season tickets or not for the 2011 season. You see, we are not only spending approx. $2500 for the two tickets, you can count 6 nights hotel at 120.00 a night, gasoline (not cheap these days) at 130.00 round trip. Stadium expenses at $150.00 food and beverage each game, and the kids need your apparel at 100.00 each. So let’s recount:
    $2500 Tickets
    $720.00 Hotels
    $1040.00 Gas
    $1200.00 Food/drink
    $1200.00 Apparel
    $6,600 or so – Priceless? Not so!

    So, please pass this on to all who think they are now struggling in the league and the players as well. Because, should we choose not to renew, we will not order the Direct TV Ticket as well that we have the last four years. That is also 345.00 a year! We hope someone is listening out there because it is very quiet now!
    Kind regards,
    Paul Price, Woodbridge VA.

  2. Michael O Says:

    I go to 2 or 3 games a year to different stadiums in different states. This year I have three games planned….Minnesota, Chicago and Nashville. My wife and I spend quite a bit at money on just one weekend. It’s money we enjoy spending because it’s doing something we love……I don’t understand all the in and outs of what’s going on with this lock out. But I do feel as though it’s being done with out any thought to all us fans that love the NFL.

  3. Corey Justice Says:

    This lockout needs to end… I’m only 20 and I spend at least $3000 on games a year… I don’t get what a big deal it is… Keep the labor deal the same just re-instate the original deal. There is so much money pumping into and out of this league… Imagine an economy without football making these 32 major cities well off.

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