NFLPA Statement On Stay

May 16th, 2011

“The NFL’s request for a stay of the lockout that was granted today means no football. The players are in mediation and are working to try to save the 2011 season. The court will hear the full appeal on June 3.”

NFL statement on stay granted by Eighth Circuit:

“It is now time to devote all of our energy to reaching a comprehensive agreement that will improve the game for the benefit of current and retired players, teams, and, most importantly, the fans. This litigation has taken the parties away from the negotiating table where these issues should be resolved. We remain confident that the appellate court will determine that this is a labor dispute that should be governed by federal labor law. But the league and players, without further delay, should control their own destiny and decide the future of the NFL together through negotiation.”

17 Responses to “NFLPA Statement On Stay”

  1. donnie Says:

    Time to hammer out a deal. De Smith, lock yourself up in a room with rodger and dont come out till its done.

    Please, im a lions fan, been suffering for a decade, my teams finaly good.

  2. Eric Says:

    really? i can’t believe adults can keep the game the same and move on. this is a perfect opportunity for another league to spring up and start football.

  3. Lazaro Gomez Says:


  4. Derrick Daffin Says:

    That’s a bunch of b.s. They should settle this thing already. It’s lots of fellow soldiers like my self getting ready to go on deployment next year and this football season could be our last for two years, as well as the soldiers coming back from deployment. Nothing welcomes you back home like football, so let’s end this!!!!

  5. Dan Rakow Says:

    Now I am supporting ALL 32 NFL Owners and Lord please do not give any Paycheck to the Players this Season.

    Players are a bunch of BIG BABIES.

    I am blessed and happy that I have Colege Football as another favorite now that the NFL Season is in serious jeopardy.

  6. to NFL Owners Says:

    Thank you continuing locking out and putting the NFL in jeopardy. You need to recognize the Billion that you trim off the top does count. If you wouldn’t have opted out of the CBA this wouldn’t be happening. The NFL will realize that players make the league. If it didn’t then just put in replacement players, see how long the league lasts.

  7. Ross Says:

    …….GIVE THE MONEY TO FREAKING CHARITY. I Dont care! Neither the owners or the players need the money. So seriously.

  8. Tiffany Says:

    The players are not asking for any raises, it is the NFL that wants more of their share. Plus the most popular teams with the largest income as well as debt such as Dallas aren’t interested in spreading the wealth to the poor scoring, low budget teams. Players want to play, don’t want pay increase for their regular schedule, only compensation if they add more games per season as the NFL is attempting. I say- Go Players, get on the field and play ball!
    I utilized this unfortunate ‘lock out’ as a metaphor for intimacy challenges…see what you think.

  9. Markus Koch Says:

    Sustainability. Time to give it back to the communities that have supported. Football must strive to heal itself. A league based on the repayment of respect to that which feeds it. Players and fans own the game. The rules must change and become more skill-full, or do we continue to cripple bodies and blow out brains? The hit is to happen with the flow… decelerate the brain with less snap.
    Wild tussle break away, brother.
    How do you want to play?

  10. Emanuel Mccray Says:

    Under Title 29 U.S.C. § 169, no one is required to belong to a union or pay union dues. It is a violation of the antitrust and labor laws to require NFL players become members of the Players Union. Here is the labor law:
    Any employee who is a member of and adheres to established and traditional tenets or teachings of a bona fide religion, body, or sect which has historically held conscientious objections to joining or financially supporting labor organizations shall not be required to join or financially support any labor organization as a condition of employment; except that such employee may be required in a contract between such employees’ employer and a labor organization in lieu of periodic dues and initiation fees, to pay sums equal to such dues and initiation fees to a nonreligious, nonlabor organization charitable fund exempt from taxation under section 501 (c)(3) of title 26, chosen by such employee from a list of at least three such funds, designated in such contract or if the contract fails to designate such funds, then to any such fund chosen by the employee. If such employee who holds conscientious objections pursuant to this section requests the labor organization to use the grievance-arbitration procedure on the employee’s behalf, the labor organization is authorized to charge the employee for the reasonable cost of using such procedure.—-000-.html

  11. Trent Says:

    I love football but I’m sick and tired of watching the owners and players fight!!!!! I Think all the fans should go on strike, then maybe both sides would end this B.S

  12. Joe Nathan Says:

    It is so obvious that the owners planned this lockout all along that it is shameful. They planned for two years to have a lockout. They planned for two years a stance that will break up the NFLPA. The owners know that there are many more 3rd and 4th RB’s & Safeties, than there are Tom Brady’s and Peyton Mannings. Those guys are suffering the most. That’s who the lockout is aimed at. They want those players to get desperate and vote for ANY deal the owners put in front of them. That’s why Roger Goodell sent that letter to the players. The owners want the players to agree to a deal that will cut them out of their share of future earnings increases, limits on healthcare, and the length of rookie contracts while adding a rookie wage scale. The details are in the fine print. That’s partially why the voted for a attorney to head up the NFLPA…

    I don’t see how anyone can believe the owners or their council considering they’ve been planning this lockout and hired the attorney who was successful locking out the NHL players…

  13. Joe Nathan Says:

    I don’t see how any fans would believe that the owners are negotiating honestly and in good faith since this lockout is what they wanted all along, to increase their leverage. Look at the ‘lockout language’ they had written into the new tv contracts. This shows they made no attempts at fair and honest negotiations. Yet, D Smith is being made out to be the villan. Really ?!?!?

  14. Tom Says:

    Please give me my cardinals or I will die……

  15. eric brennan Says:

    the players were preparing for the lockout as well telling players to save up money. the players should not even get revenue they are employees the owners should get 100% revenue

  16. Joe Nathan Says:

    Some people are so ignorant or uninformed. The players want to play. The Owners ‘ stopped the show ‘. The NFLPA did it’s duty by telling the players to save money BECAUSE the owners are going to opt out of the CBA and thus Lock you Out. Some people can’t possibly understand business. To say the owners should keep 100% of the revenue is ignorant. What business can survive without purchasing products and hiring employe es ??? NFL players are the products and the employees. Business owners use revenue to pay employees and restock products. The NFLPA earns a percentage of the NFL’s revenue because the players are not true free agents (like regular employees) who can choose what team/where they want to work/play. It is unfortunate that some fans don’t understand that…

  17. nwkking Says:

    the nfl forgot about the fans since they want to lock out football i say the fans should ban football for a year!!!! we are the one who support them so they can make all that money without the fans you have nothing we should teach them a lesson so this wont happend again lets ban football yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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