New Poll Says Owners Are the Ones to Blame

May 18th, 2011

Groups of players all around the country have been gathering on their own to work out together, doing what they can to keep themselves in shape and ready for when the owners’ lockout is lifted.

A recent poll points to fans placing more blame on owners than on players for the league’s labor unrest.

In a Boston-based poll containing 1,070 responders, 32 percent of them blamed the owners for the lockout. Nineteen percent placed the blame at the feet of the players, while 30 percent were undecided.

For more details about this poll, read a story in the Boston Herald here.

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4 Responses to “New Poll Says Owners Are the Ones to Blame”

  1. Amber Kapu Says:

    I think both are to blame. Think of the fans that pay BOTH of your paychecks! We sit rain, sleet, snow or shine in those seats, pay outrageous prices on food and beer, and are loyal to our teams to a fault and this is how you treat us? With out us you’d all be doing something way less glamourous with a way smaller paycheck. Owners, you make a killing per game, pay up! I want my season and all games due.

  2. Skunky Says:

    Both parties have forgotten that they got into football originally because of love of the game. Sure, the owners saw the possibility to make some good money, but they could do that opening a chain of pizza parlors too. So everyone loves the game, so why not get back to what’s important … THE GAME! Everybody needs to put a lid on the greed. Both parties could stand to make less and still it amounts to a boatload of cash each season. The current players should take less, and the owners should take that money and put it into retirement accounts for those same players to use when they can no longer play the game. Current owners should demand less of the TV revenue. Sure, they put up the money and take the financial risks, but how many millions of $$ in profits each season is enough? At what point is it enough? After that point, pump it back into the communities, back into the game itself, and back to the guys from the days of old, the ex-players that are living in pain every day because they have no real retirement to draw from. Those guys were lucky to make in the course of their careers what today’s players make in a season.

  3. jack turner Says:

    With salaries like they are and ticket prices so high both sides need to step back and look at whats going on.People are paying way too much to see games now,hot dogs and beer prices are way out of hand,programs are too high,and you all want more? Sorry but this game is like baseball,and basketball,its a game and there are limits as to what people can afford.A locked out season everyone losses,and the fan’s are not going to be so forgiving anymore.If this continues you will see people stay away from the game and i also think ratings will fall for TV revenue also.Get your heads on straight,salaries are high enough,border line stupid and people wont keep going if this is all anyone cares about,basicly you and the owners are killing the game so be smart,get this done and keep pay where it is,fan revolt isn’t that far away,with out fan’s you have nothing and i mean nothing.

  4. jack turner Says:

    Well here we are almost the middle of july and still in lockout mode,here is what should happen.No football then no TV revenue,i would not pay the owners one cent if i was TV.Not one penny til there is a football game going on,owners had better learn that with out fans those stadiums will be a white elephant for them,maintence has to be done and with nop money coming in from TV how are they going to do it?And you better believe fans will be very slow on coming back to watch games because owners are so greedy,fess up and pay the players what they want or at least meet them half way.If you dont,and i think TV revenue is important to owner,how would they like it if the Revenue was held back til they did have an agreement,i dont think they would like that at all.Somebody better get off their duffs and finish this if football is going to survive,as a fan i will never watch or spend a penny on anything from the NFL if this isn’t fixed and i mean quickly,owners have 75% of the blame and players much less,but here is my grip on players,most make tons of money being large contracts and more benefits from companys using their names to sell peoducts,so players hear this,18 games taking away 2 preseason games isn’t that rough.Their are lots of people sitting on yhe bench,let them play a few times and rest your best players a couple of games a year,that way everyone gets to play some and fans will no doubt come out and see their team play every week.Who knows,a bench warmer might just surprise everyone and turn in a great game and make his personel stock worth go up,and see more action.It would be a win-win for all sides,please get something done or football might not be as popular in the future,and baseball is going to take a serious hit also if they fail to fix their problem also,nobody wins if this continues.

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