Silver: ‘Settlement Remains the Most Prudent Option’

May 18th, 2011

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports writes an article published Wednesday that assesses the legal impact of Monday’s court decision.

Silver raises several strong points in his article. Below are some snippets:

Silver writes, “The players are still standing firm in their quest for a better deal than the ones which have been offered by the owners on March 11.”

He goes on to add, “All of this, from my vantage point, suggests that neither side is going to be beaten into submission by a single legal opinion or another seemingly pivotal development – and it reminds me that, without a doubt, settlement remains the most prudent option for both sides.”

Silver points out that DeMaurice Smith would like to see a mutually satisfying accord: “Do people actually think that I really don’t want to make a deal?” Smith asked. “We chose litigation because we knew they were going to lock us out, and I can only counterpunch. But here’s the fundamental disproof to the charge that we wanted to litigate: We offered to keep playing under the old deal. What more do you want the players to do to demonstrate their commitment to playing football?”

To view Silver’s entire article, click here.

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One Response to “Silver: ‘Settlement Remains the Most Prudent Option’”

  1. Chris Says:

    Why would we assume the litigation attorney would want litigation, that’s just silly. Right?

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