Cornelius Bennett Pens Op-Ed Asking Owners to Lift the Lockout

May 23rd, 2011

The Buffalo Bills have had plenty of great players in their franchise’s history. Cornelius Bennett is one of them. Once a star linebacker and now an elected leader among former players, Bennett is uniquely tied to the Bills’ history.

As a fan and former Bills player, Bennett is interested and engaged in the NFL labor situation. He recently wrote an op-ed that was published in the Buffalo News over the weekend. Among some excerpts of Bennett’s op-ed are:

“Players want to play for teams that have a chance to win. Small-market teams like the Bills have as good a chance to win as any other team in the league. This lockout hurts small-market teams, especially the Bills.”

“I was in those negotiation sessions representing the interests of former players but also looking out for my Bills franchise that I love so much. Players want to play, but we also want what’s fair for the game. We believe in the connection between a city, its players and its team. A lockout erodes that connection.”

To read Bennett’s entire op-ed in the Buffalo News, click here.

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5 Responses to “Cornelius Bennett Pens Op-Ed Asking Owners to Lift the Lockout”

  1. David Says:

    Mr. Bennett was a great player and he is correct in many of his observations. However, the fact is the players left the negotiating table and disbanded their union, effectively ending any possibility of a negotiated agreement. If the players are truly dedicated to their teams, cities and fans as they claim. Then drop the lawsuits, reinstate the union and go the the bargaining table and negotiate an agreement. In my view, the players (aka, employees) are the problem. For some strange reason, the players think they are partners in the NFL. They are workers and the owners are management. Negotiate and move on!

  2. kEN Says:

    If the players don’t like the deal the owner put out, then why don’t they put up thier own money and start thier own league with all the best players.

  3. Rosie Says:

    I agree David, however work is still work and if the employees feel they are being screwed then there won’t be a good season. Yeah they can be replace but this issue is still going to occur with the new employees.

  4. Dre Says:

    David you forget one thing.
    The players are also the product and there shelf life is short

  5. Ron Says:

    I’M calling Direct TV and cancelling the Sunday Ticket.
    I love football, But I’ll Stop watching this year.
    Ego’s Players – Owners Both sides of this lock out.
    Somebody please Blink

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