Undrafted Players Suffering Irreparable Harm During NFL Lockout

May 31st, 2011

Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports wrote an article last Friday that focuses on the 2011 class of undrafted free agents suffering irreparable harm due to the owner-imposed lockout.

Farrar writes, “The 2011 class of undrafted free agents are stuck in a weird purgatory in which they can envision NFL futures but are on the outside looking in – at least until the lockout is resolved.”

Farrar continues, “One of the points made by the NFLPA in the legal back-and-forth between owners and players is the concept of ‘irreparable harm.’ The players claim that, by being locked out, the NFL is putting an unreasonable burden on careers which are already too short on average; the league counters with the idea that the financial fallout of the continued fight could put some owners in holes they’ll never get out of. But if there’s one group suffering actual irreparable harm, it may be those undrafted free agents whose usefulness to NFL teams could be restricted or eliminated outright by a truncated preseason – and the corresponding lack of need for bodies to fill minicamps, training camps and preseason games. Without a comprehensive look at those players, some will slip through the cracks.

David Mims, an undrafted offensive lineman out of Virginia Union was interviewed by Farrar for the story and said, “It’s really uncharted territory right now, and nobody knows how it will play out. We don’t know when they’re going to get it done [settle the lockout], and we’re obviously at a disadvantage by not being with a team and not being able to learn a playbook. That’s really holding us back – I mean, I don’t even know where I’m going to be and I can’t talk to anybody. For guys in my position, it’s very hard. Guys who were drafted are in the same boat to a degree, but at least they know where they’ll be for training camp. I just try to keep a positive attitude, keep working out and hope that something will get solved soon.”

To read Farrar’s entire article, click here.

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  1. howard andrews Says:

    Yes it is there are great players waiting for there one shot at a dream they have work for since they step on that football field and fell in love with Americans game

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