Steve Breaston Gives His Two Cents in Lockout Poem

June 10th, 2011

Steve Breaston, a five-year NFL veteran, is a man of many talents, and poetry is certainly one of them. This week, Breaston went public with a lockout poem he wrote and placed on YouTube. The poem is called “A League Deferred.”

Breaston discusses why he wrote the poem and explains some of the messages behind this unique project in an exclusive interview with Read the Breaston story here.

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2 Responses to “Steve Breaston Gives His Two Cents in Lockout Poem”

  1. Robert Butler Says:

    Steve Breaston is 110 % right ! These greedy owners are 110 % WRONG ! I’m suggesting an anit-boycott/ Lockout protest of Owners Greed on July 4th at the training facility of every NLF club in the league.

    Take anything you have with the TEAM logo, even if it’s NOT the team logo you are protesting, to the facility between 7:00 a.m. and 11:a.m. and throw it at the gates of the facility.Most cops wouldn’t even write a littering ticket for this. And if they do, go to court and defend your action.

    Anything from key chain fobs to jerseys will make a point. Call the media that covers your NFL team and let them know you plan to participate. Media coverage WILL get their attention ! Please do not violate any laws, especially burning items at or near the facility. They would try to arrest you for arson. Just gather as many pissed off NFL fans as you can find and cover their gates of LOCKOUT with worn out NFL items you don’t want or can’t use.This WILL get their undivided attention in an attempt to see a FULL schedule of NFL games this fall./

  2. Geoff M. Pope Says:

    Langston Hughes would be proud of you. My favorite line in your poem is “Speaking to them with my jersey on, / wondering if they still wish to be in it.”

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