Christian Okoye: ‘Don’t Deny the Fans Football’

June 13th, 2011

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Christian Okoye wrote an op-ed published Sunday in the Kansas City Star.

In his guest piece, titled “Don’t Deny the Fans Football,” Okoye cites league history showing that “the owners don’t have to shut down football.”

Okoye writes, “One of the most popular tailgates happens at Arrowhead Stadium and many people make their livelihood during that time. We also have to think about those that travel from neighboring cities to attend Chiefs games and the revenue they bring with them. The ordinary fan that simply looks forward to Sunday games may look less on the game and those who are involved in it.”

To read Okoye’s entire op-ed in the Kansas City Star, click here.

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2 Responses to “Christian Okoye: ‘Don’t Deny the Fans Football’”

  1. Steve tuatagaloa Says:

    As a fan of the NFL it’s gonna be a hard year without football, there’s gonna be a high crime rate because people are gonna be bored and they’re gonna have a lot of time at hand! People look forward to the NFL to take Sunday’s & Monday’s off of work to go to the games or throw a big block party to watch and enjoy there favorite NFL team. When the players trash talk on the field we trash talk with the players and the games is not just a game to us fans! To some of us who played the sport of football is a way for us who didn’t make it to the next level to keep the dream alive, to be motivated in life to keep us going in life, it’s a culture. So let’s get the NFL season going and let the players play because right now the ratings are gonna be the highest ever and tickets are gonna be sold out at all venues!!!! Lets go NFL season do it for all the players that made the game what it is today!!!! Keep our dreams alive!!! Don’t let us skip a beat!!! Lets go hard out!!!!

  2. 4ddl Says:

    Nice Info, Thanks :D

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