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Restaurant Chain Wants Season to Be Saved

June 20th, 2011

Two recent posts on (here and here) have examined the economic impact the NFL’s lockout has on constituent groups beyond just players and owners. Businesses that depend on the NFL are rightfully concerned about America’s favorite sport—and whether it will be saved.

Buffalo Wild Wings, which launched a “Save Our Season” petition containing nearly 17,000 signatures, wants NFL owners and players to come to an agreement soon. It has written an open letter to both sides, urging them to have a deal by July 20—one month from today.

The popular restaurant chain has even promised free wings to each signer of the petition if the parties come to an agreement and return to football by July 20.

As estimated by The Sports Networker, approximately 1.25 billion wings were eaten on Super Bowl Sunday this year, amounting to nearly $250 million.

Count Buffalo Wild Wings among the many voices that want to see the lockout lifted, and players return to the field.

The Economic Impact of the Lockout

June 17th, 2011

The economic impact of the NFL’s lockout is far-reaching, with many groups being affected: individual cities, small businesses, stadium workers, staff, local hotels, restaurants, seasonal jobs, taxpayers and more—in short, anyone associated with the game. In addition, many industries depend on the NFL season such as sports betting, sports bars, food industries, video games and fantasy football. These are some of the businesses that will be the hardest hit if the lockout interrupts the 2011 season.

An infographic posted on The Sports Networker examines the wide impact and points to many interesting figures fans might not know.

For example, did you know that $400 million in gate receipts may be lost per week during the regular season? Or that 3,000 jobs could be lost in each NFL city if the lockout continues? How about that 28 of the 31 NFL stadiums were built thanks to public funding, and 11 of them were 100 percent publicly funded?

Go here to view the entire infographic. (With the hovering magnifying glass, click on the image to see the full-sized version.)

Christian Okoye: ‘Don’t Deny the Fans Football’

June 13th, 2011

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Christian Okoye wrote an op-ed published Sunday in the Kansas City Star.

In his guest piece, titled “Don’t Deny the Fans Football,” Okoye cites league history showing that “the owners don’t have to shut down football.”

Okoye writes, “One of the most popular tailgates happens at Arrowhead Stadium and many people make their livelihood during that time. We also have to think about those that travel from neighboring cities to attend Chiefs games and the revenue they bring with them. The ordinary fan that simply looks forward to Sunday games may look less on the game and those who are involved in it.”

To read Okoye’s entire op-ed in the Kansas City Star, click here.

New Poll Says Owners Are the Ones to Blame

May 18th, 2011

Groups of players all around the country have been gathering on their own to work out together, doing what they can to keep themselves in shape and ready for when the owners’ lockout is lifted.

A recent poll points to fans placing more blame on owners than on players for the league’s labor unrest.

In a Boston-based poll containing 1,070 responders, 32 percent of them blamed the owners for the lockout. Nineteen percent placed the blame at the feet of the players, while 30 percent were undecided.

For more details about this poll, read a story in the Boston Herald here.

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