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Revenue Impact of Lost NFL Season on Maryland

June 22nd, 2011

If the entire NFL season is canceled, the state of Maryland will lose approximately $40 million, according to one study.

Both the Redskins and Ravens play their home games in Maryland. Direct and indirect activity from the two teams’ home games would bring in an estimated $40 million in tax revenues for the state. If the season is canceled, that money would be lost. Maryland is one of many U.S. states needing increased revenues as it endures the road to economic recovery.

The study states, “Maryland, which hosts two NFL teams, could see a measurable impact on its economy and state and local tax revenues if the NFL season is cancelled or shortened.”

It adds, “Maryland will face a significant revenue shortfall from lost income tax revenues in the event of a full-year lockout. The state could lose between $11.01 million and $12.31 million in direct income tax, while counties could lose between $6.75 million and $7.54 million.”

Read the entire report for yourself here: Revenue Impact of Lost NFL Season (PDF).

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NFL Lockout Now One Month Old

April 12th, 2011

Tuesday marks a month since the NFL owners imposed their lockout on players. The lockout has now lasted for 31 days (see the Lockout Duration clock at right.)

What exactly is a lockout?

A lockout is an agreement by employers not to negotiate for or do business with employees. Players are also locked out of entering practice or stadium facilities and may not communicate with team officials.

How did we get here?

An updated “NFL Lockout Checklist” shows the many steps owners took before following through with their planned lockout on March 12, 2011, which includes the owners opting out of the old agreement in May 2008. View the checklist here

Mediation scheduled for Thursday marks the first talks between the league and its players in the month since the lockout began.

As evidenced by the NHL lockout, the effects can be harmful and wide-ranging. When will the owners lift the lockout?

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