What Is This Lockout About?

This lockout is about the owners taking more than just the game away from fans.

  • Taking away football is not only devastating to the loyal and supportive fans of the NFL; it’s also devastating to their local economies.
  • If there is a lockout, an estimated $160 million would be lost in each NFL city.
  • It is estimated that over 115,000 jobs would be effected.

This lockout is about inequitable leverage.

  • If there is not a football season in 2011, the owners’ costs will drastically decrease.
  • The owners have negotiated TV deals that guarantee them revenues even if games are not played in the 2011 season.
  • The guaranteed television revenues that approach $4.5 billion, coupled with the elimination of $4.4 billion in player salaries and benefits during a lockout, could make a 2011 season without games profitable for the owners.
  • They are willing to sacrifice the sport of football in this country in order to have less cost, less work, and more revenue for themselves.

This lockout is about owners wanting more from players without justified reasons or restitution.

  • The owners have not been willing to give proof that they have taken a financial loss, therefore needing more money back from players.
  • NFL owners are adamant in their desire to reduce the share of league revenue set aside for player salaries by roughly 18 percent ($1 billion) beginning next year.
  • NFL owners want to increase the amount of games, therefore increasing each player’s risk of injury, but decreasing salaries.

This lockout is about healthcare

  • Recently, the NFL said it would not continue active player healthcare in a lockout.
  • The average NFL career is only 3.6 years.  It takes 3 accredited years to get just 5 years of post career healthcare.
  • The addition of 2 more games would hinder a player’s ability to get post career healthcare.

This lockout is about history

  • Everything the players have today is a result of a past fight for basic rights.
  • You would have to turn back the clock to the early 1980’s, in the days before free agency, to find a season in which the players’ share of football revenue was as low as that being proposed by the NFL owners.
  • Some of the things players have fought for include: clean socks and jocks, free agency, former player benefits etc.

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